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Gather 'round the campfire as I'll tell you the true story of "The Ghost Of The Lady In Green".

Some years back, a few colleagues and I were asked to look into a reported haunting in the dormitory of a Boston college. The report stated that several female residents of the dorm had encountered the spectre of a woman. The ghost had been seen on the stairwell, in a bedroom, and touching some dresses hanging in a closet. In fact, it was reported that the ghost had lifted the dress off of the hanger, and only dropped it when startled by the entrance of two students. The students were equally as startled, to say the least.

We arrived during daylight hours and conducted interviews on site. We established that the ghost lady was always attired in a long green dress that had a turn-of-the-century look (that's 19th century for all of you modern millennium thinkers). The ghost liked to touch various feminine items, like hair brushes and stockings. She was also reported to be fond of a particular ballad on one of the girl's records. This had been determined because that song was known to play over and over again for no visible reason.

We decided to see if we could make contact with the ghost. So we set about to lure her into materializing. At night, we gathered all the objects that she had shown an interest in and put them in the center of the room she was most seen in. We had all of the dorm members, who had seen her, enter that room and form a circle around the items. I instructed them to remain calm and not to do anything regardless of what might happen. With the lights dimmed and the song she liked playing, we waited. And sure enough, that song repeated several times. It was at this moment that I spoke and told the ghost that she was welcome to join us. And she did.

Wearing the green dress she always did, the ghost lady materialized on the outside of the circle. Very slowly, she seemed to glide past every member of the circle, sometimes touching them. I then asked her to come into the circle so that we could see her. She did. We all sat there staring at the apparition of a very sad women about the age of the students. She spoke 2 words, in a voice that sounded like she was in a reverberation room, "Find Me". She then picked up a fringed scarf (more like floated it) and exited the circle. We all watched as she entered the closed closet and vanished.

I got up and followed her. I gently opened the door to the closet. Everyone was standing behind me. Looking into the closet, we saw something no one expected to see - not the ghost, not clothing, but something that looked like another dimension. Everything was distorted. Holding on to a friend with one hand, I put my other hand into the vortex. Although I could feel my hand, once it entered the dimension it became invisible. I pulled my hand back out rather quickly, and with no ill effect. We monitored the vortex until it vanished. There was a very high level of electromagnetic energy registering. The temperature had dropped many degrees. And there was a smell of something flowery that lingered.

We spent the next 72 hours piecing together the intriguing puzzle. Who was the Lady In Green, what did she mean by 'find me', what was that vortex, and on and on? We were able to locate information about the ghost in her physically human days. The dorm used to be a single family townhouse in the late 1800s. The info revealed the history of our ghost and how she had mysteriously disappeared one day. Neither she nor her body had ever been found. The room from which she vanished had been shuttered by the family, only to be re-opened when the college bought the property. We even found a living relative and confirmed story first hand.

Armed with the ghost's name, and other details, we decided to see if we could converse with her. We repeated the set-up (minus two college girls) and the ghost re-appeared. But she decided to remain outside of the circle. With great care, I was able to keep her attention as I asked several questions. When she was asked what had happened to her and where she was now, her answer was eerie. She claimed (using very few words but great emotion that everyone felt), that she was lost and wandering in a strange land like a never-ending dream. She was completely alone. She didn't know how she got there, except it happened when she walked into the closet - that same odd closet. When asked if she were dead she said "Not dead, lost" and again "Find me". She said that she can't always see people or things, but the girls in the dorm focused her ability to use the closet vortex to hover between her world and ours.

In the end, we decided that The Lady In Green was a living entity who had somehow passed from one dimension to another. There was no evidence to indicate that she had ever died in our physical world. I petitioned the college to further the investigation, which I intended as something of a rescue mission. However, the college denied our petition on the grounds that it was a disruption, bad public relations, etc. Since it was private property, there was nothing we could do. The closet was sealed.

The next year, I returned to that dorm to see what had become of the ghost lady. But a non injury fire had damaged the dorm, which had since been repaired - and altered. The contact room and the dimensional closet were now obliterated. There was no evidence of abnormal electromagnetic readings anywhere my instrument had access to. Due to the unsatisfactory resolution, I have always been 'haunted' by the memory of that woman and her plight. After all these years, I'm still not sure what we encountered.

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