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The following research article addresses three specific types of alien abduction scenarios: physical alien abduction, simulated alien abduction, and mind control alien abduction. This research article does not address any claimed alien abduction experiences which are either not found in the article, are not substantiated, or are not genuine in origin. All claims of alien abduction must be individually investigated to determine the authenticity of the claim, and if authentic, in which category the experience belongs.


Whether talking about what happens during an alien abduction, a simulated alien abduction by lower astral entities, or a mind controlled alien abduction simulation, there is something that every experiencer can do to fight them off and take back control. What some experiencers have already discovered, through personal trial, is what my years of research have uncovered ... these abduction controllers can be intimidated into leaving you alone. Approached with an understanding of what I have learned and tested, these types of abductions can be stopped personally, globally, from now on and through generations to come.

Regardless of which one of these entities or agendas is behind an abduction, or simulated abduction, their advantage is being able to manipulate the human brain and perception into both submission and tasking. They want a human's mind and body paralyzed, because that is how they can control the human to get what they want. These are the predators that come in the night, or whenever a person is sleeping. They assault people when they can least defend themselves, and know how to invade and manipulate the human brain so that they can dominate that human. This is the work of cowards, and understanding the profile and methodology of these cowardly intruders is the key to humans fighting back and taking back control of their lives - and a whole lot more.

No matter who they are or what their agenda, a coward is a coward. Cowards cannot stand up to any type of informed intelligence or resistance. So while some abduction experiencers have talked about fighting back through a focused aggression, I'm going to reveal a way that humans can protect themselves before the abduction happens. It's about people learning to program their brains, so that people can create an automatic and natural firewall and anti-virus program that targets these intruder's access and stops their agenda cold.

These abduction intruders know something that their human targets do not know. They know that the human brain is an interface to the Core Matrix [the "cosmic hard drive" that I discovered], and is also an interface and stabilizer to the many co-existing time lines supported by the Core Matrix. The human brain is a bio software program with only about 10% needed to support the bio form vehicle [human body] that houses the human brain. The other 90% of the brain is very active because it is an interface and extension of the Core Matrix, which is essential in running the bio software that generates the many co-existing time lines. These intruders know, that because humans are unaware of this greater use of their own brains, that the bio software interface is there for the hijacking. After all, how can a human be expected to protect what it doesn't know it has.

Forget what every sleep expert and scientist has ever claimed as to why the body needs to sleep. Forget what every dream expert and scientist has ever claimed as to why people dream. The truth is, humans sleep because they need to dream. Humans need to dream because the brain needs unfettered access to the streaming data generated by the Core Matrix. Most dreams are the result of the brain accessing, processing, and organizing raw data from the Core Matrix data stream. This includes accessing the various co-existing time lines being generated by the Core Matrix. This explains why so many dreams are jumbled and fragmented images. In sleep mode, with the body in a resting state, the brain is no longer shackled to any organized structure of the Core Matrix generated time line. Once the body is awakened, the brain again "gets into line" with whatever structured time line program it is tied to. This "getting into line" is called dominant time line brain assimilation.

These abduction intruders know how to manipulate humans, by hijacking the human brain's Core Matrix interface through a "back door" weakness in the interface. Depending on the intruder's agenda, the abduction allows the intruder to gain access to the Core Matrix bio program. In short, these intruders know how to use the human brain to create any world or sensation they want. They can put a human into a state a stasis, and literally and physically hijack the human's body and brain. Or they can make a person think that this is what has happened. It all depends on who and what you are dealing with, and what their agenda is.

Once a person understands the truth about the true nature of their brains, they can work to program their brains to enact an effective fire wall and anti-virus program that repels these intruders. If these intruders are lower astral entities, or even a human mind control program, this protection program will put that agenda out of business. If the intruders are physical entities, or even interdimensional or time travel entities, you can't stop their existence - but you can stop their game.

In order to create a successful firewall protection program, for your brain's interface, it is necessary for you to create a firewall that you program by your own brain - for your own brain. At its core, you are going to build a continuously operating firewall that puts your brain in stealth mode. For some, being in stealth mode is the best choice to make. If you can't be found you can't be harmed. Along with being in steal mode, some may choose a more aggressive stance. This is where the creation of guarding thoughtforms comes in. It is within the human's brain capibility to create, mold, and program energy. It really doesn't matter what protection imagery you create for yourself, as long as you create the image that you and your brain are protected by forces that no one wants to encounter.

Whatever guardian thoughtform defense program you create, the intruders will interpret it as something "real" and threatening. The knowledge which they used against you, the Core Matrix interface within your brain, is something that you're now using against them. The interface swings both ways. It doesn't matter whether your firewall protection program has you protected by the entire Federation fleet from "Star Trek", a group of cosmic warriors that nothing can harm or get through, or an impenetrable forcefield of light. The point is, you have always had the power to create "reality", these hijackers want that power for their own use, and you have to intervene and take your power back. Game over.

Whether you choose to only utilize stealth mode, or choose to activate guardian thoughtforms, the success of the process is enhanced by repetitive creative visualization. This repetitive creative visualization should begin during your waking hours, and continue into your dream time through verbal and mental instructions to yourself. Before a person falls asleep, they need to visualize their protection and imagine this protection in place. Do this before sleep cycle, and the guardian thoughtform will eventually become a personal auto program that is continuously running.

This protective program will be recognized by the Core Matrix, which is the ultimate goal. In the manner of the workings of a hard drive, the guardian thoughtform, as well as the stealth mode, will be "write protected" through all dimensions and all co-existing timelines. Many of these intruders, who encounter a person's guardian thoughtform, will abandon pursuit of that person in search of a softer target. The more people who create these personal protection programs, the fewer targets these intruders will have to interact with. Eventually, it may be possible to shut all intruders out forever.

Perfecting one's personal protection stealth form and guardian thoughtform program is a learning curve, and one should expect to go through stages until it's just right. Until then, some may find that they are still being subjected to abduction phenomena. Have courage and persevere. If a person finds themselves in an abduction scenario, there is a secondary protection thoughtform that can be unleashed against the abductors-intruders. It also involves pre-planning and self programming, but can be achieved very quickly. A person must program their brain - by repetitive verbal and mental instructions - to detect when their interface has been compromised, and then make the detection send out a wake-up alarm. The goal is for a human to take control of their brain and wake up. It doesn't matter how the human got into this sleep state, whether naturally or by an intruder's control. Not only will the person wake up, but the wake up will also unlock the body so that it is no longer paralyzed from the sleep mode dream state. Should anyone find that they are able to awaken, but are still paralyzed, the fix is to focus the brain on the single task of unfreezing one part of the body. It can be a finger, an arm, a leg, a head. It doesn't matter. Once a part of the body is unfrozen and mobile, the brain will free the rest of the body. This is the stop gap, to when a person has successfully created a thoughtform program that prevents the problem experience to begin with.

Once awake and in control, the human becomes an adversary that no intruder or abductor wants to deal with - or is capable of dealing with. If they were capable, they would not have opted to manipulate humans in such an unacceptable and cowardly way. The abduction experience has been going on for a very long time, and through the ages has taken on many guises and descriptions. Accept no excuses for this activity, because any excuse is only part of the smoke and mirrors game intended to keep the human race dumbed down and manipulated.


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