Reality Shift Manifestation, and all that it encompasses, is the sole creation and property of Starfire Tor. Any attempt, to hijack any part of Starfire Tor’s Reality Shift Manifestation knowledge or protocols - whether word for word, or by attempts to alter the material - will be subject to serious consequences.

The Reality Shift Manifestation mission, was created by Starfire Tor, specifically for the Amazon Rainforest Mission group. The psi protocols will not function outside of this very specific group mission, nor will it function without the leadership and participation of Starfire Tor.   

This is a two-part psi mission. Part 1 involved the Reality Shift Manifestation psi protocol, which involved hundreds of participants from the Amazon Rainforest Mission Group. Next was part 2, which was the Astral Tagging psi protocol. Hundreds of people, from the Amazon Rainforest Mission Group participated in this as well. Both of these parts, which launched separately, are essential to the success of the of the Amazon Rainforest Mission. Whereas the Reality Shift Manifestation, created rain in the Amazon in the dry season, The Astral Tag seeks out and reveals whoever or whatever is responsible for the 2019 Amazon rainforest fires. The fires cannot be truly put out, until the threat that caused of them is revealed and accountability and change happens.

To learn more about Reality Shift Manifestation psience, click on this link, before you move on to the next section of instructions. You will find the easy to understand information, in the book interview found at this link, to be important to understanding the basics of how all of this works.



RSM Mission Start Date: Saturday August 24, 2019  
RSM Mission End Date: Saturday August 31, 2019 

Check your own locations for correlating times and dates here:

Keep your Reality Shift Manifestation energy revved up and focused for the entire 7 day mission window. Do as many repeat RSM protocols as you can during that time. The more you do, the more powerful you become.


This group, of global energy workers, is dedicated to bringing rain to the fires in the Amazon rainforest. This mission, which was started by Karen Ellington and joined in leadership by Starfire Tor, utilizes the unique and proven weather modification methods of Starfire Tor’s Reality Shift Manifestation and Astral Tagging psi protocols. This is a worldwide effort. Anyone can participate, as long as the mission window is open, and as long as they are caring and motivated like-minded people and souls. No other special skills are needed to join in.

The step by step RSM mission instructions include a very special kind of psi energy work, as well as the inclusion of supportive self-programming images. Even though it is critical, that you follow the instructions to the letter, there is plenty of room for you to include some of your own personal touches. This includes working with your choice of music, aroma, crystals, locations, candles, colors, wardrobe, totems, religious icons, personal protection methods, spirit guides, Angels, nature spirits, personal energy protection, and even some divination devices – as long as they do not conjure entities. Example: tarot cards are ok, in the right hands. But ouiji boards, no matter what name they are given, are not OK.

The Reality Shift Manifestation protocols are auto protected and self-policing. If anyone tries to include a dark energy involvement, or even veers off of the instructions for whatever reason, that person’s efforts will go nowhere. There is no punishment and there is no reward for them. Their energy will be blocked from contributing anything to the mission.

But before you read them, I want you to first look at all of the photos in all seven groupings below. This is critical to the success of this psi mission. Read the text too, because they contain your first mission instructions. This is called frontloading, which will act to self-program your brain with the elements involved with this mission.


Engaging in, Reality Shift Manifestation [RSM] activity, is a natural part of the human experience - whether people know it or not. It is central to how the brain works, and how the brain is connected to the known and unknown Universe. I did not discover people’s ability to manifest and manipulate their environment. That has been going on since time immemorial. Regardless, of how a person achieves an act of altering their local environment – whether intentionally or without even knowing it, at its root there is still only one way that it works. 

What I discovered was the science - aka psience - that makes Reality Shift Manifestation possible. I have been teaching RSM science for years, and have done many real time successful public demonstrations. This RSM mission, has the benefit, of all of the RSM missions that came before it. I was able to develop unique scientific protocols that can control Reality Shift Manifestation activity. But just because someone knows, how to engage in RSM work, does not mean that the person should be doing RSM work. There are RSM rules that need to be followed, and these rules involve ethics, common sense, wisdom, service to others, and a working knowledge of how the real world works. The RSM has built in self-policing features. Those who try to use my RSM protocols, for things which are self-serving and undeserving – or corrupt and dishonest, will get nowhere with it. No rewards. No punishment. Just no results.


It is always wise to use protection, when doing any sort of psi work - regardless of the psi work. In this case, the energy that you have to protect yourself from are lower astral entities that may be attracted to the power blast that you are emitting. In the astral, you will glow like a neon sign. So, before you even start this RS Manifestation mission I want you to create a bubble of electric blue energy around yourself.

Within the electric blue sphere are energetic strands of white, blue, and purple energy. Imagine that this bubble of electric blue energy cannot be broken into by any energy or entity that you do not invite to join you in the bubble of protection. This will trigger the Core Matrix to make it so. Then envision yourself, in every co-existing time line that you are engaged with for this mission, also in this same electric blue protection bubble.

Here is a visual, of the blue sphere or bubble that I want to to visualize and manifest for yourself.

Some people like to use white light, sage, and mirrors to get the protection going - and that is okay. But it must be used along with what I have just described.

When you launch your RS Manifestation mission, from within your protected electric blue bubble, your energy will expand out at a rapid and powerful speed in the direction of the Core Matrix. The Core Matrix is like a cosmic hard drive, that stores and streams everything in all co-existing time lines. These many co-existing time lines are the key to a successful RSM mission. While your energy can escape your electric blue bubble of protection, nothing can get in unless you invite it. So don’t invite it, no matter how friendly you believe it to be.


By Focusing On Images Relevant To The Mission


The Amazon rainforest is located in South America. It is spread out over 9 countries. They are Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana.

No matter where you are in the world, you can use your mind, spirit, and soul to tune into and connect with the Amazon rainforest. Just gaze at these maps, and imagine yourself making a direct personal connection with the area. Some of you will remain fixed in your bodies, while others will find themselves astral traveling. Either way works, and gets the same results.



The Amazon was formed 55 million years ago. It represents over half of the planet's remaining rainforests. It is often called the lungs of the planet, because it creates 20% of the world’s oxygen. It also absorbs carbon dioxide, is a greenhouse gas, helps stabilize the climate, houses vast numbers of plants and wildlife, and produces rainfall all around the planet – even when that rain isn’t falling on the Amazon itself. There is generally no rain during the dry season, which is from August to November. The Amazon rainforest is bountiful. There are about 3000 edible fruits there, and many of the plants have important medicinal qualities.

Gaze upon the beauty and expanse of the Amazon rainforest. Imagine and believe how important this region is to you, and the entire planet. Envision the rainforest looking healthy and beautiful and protected.

 AMAZONRainforestOK1 AMAZONPeruconicalvolcanoesOK6

AMAZONRainforestOK2 AMAZONRainForestok4

                  Rainforest OK3 AMAZONRainforestRioNegroOK7


The Amazon is the ancestral home of 1 million or so Indians. They are divided into about 400 tribes, each with its own language, culture, and territory. Some tribes are known, while others have remained hidden and prefer no contact with the outside world. They have very little protection, from the dangers of any fire in their midst. They have very little protection, from the people who would destroy their lands and lives.

Gaze upon these people. They must be protected, not only from the raging fires, but from the people and elements that caused the fires in the Amazon rainforest. Envision the ancestral Indians safe. Envision their world safe.

amazontribechildren David-Lazar-Brazil

RainforestVillage kind-baum-kennedy-paiter-surui

indigenous-yaguas-peopleAlamay TribalPeople



The Amazon is one of Earth's last refuges for many animals. It is the most biologically diverse place on Earth. It contains millions of species, most of them still unknown and undescribed by science. Most Amazon rainforest animals, fish, birds, reptiles, and insects have never been seen by a non-native person. Some of the Amazon creatures are: Jaguar, Puma, Capybara Sloth, Giant river otter, Giant anteater, Tamarins, Marmosets, Spider monkey, Woolly monkey, Capuchin monkey, Squirrel monkey, Uakari monkey, Howler monkey, Amazon pink river dolphin, Giant river otter, Tapir, Coatimundi, Kinkajou, Macaws, parrots, Harpy Eagle, Toucans, Woodpeckers, Hummingbirds, Storks, Iguanas, Freshwater turtles, Tree frogs, Caiman, Arapaima, Electric Eel, Piranha, and Giant Catfish

Gaze upon the animals in the photos. They are photo ambassadors, who are representing all of the creatures of the Amazon rainforest, because there are too many to show here. They must be protected, not only from the raging fires, but from the people and elements that caused the fires in the Amazon rainforest. Envision all of these animals safe. Envision their world safe.

Amazonian-Manatee1 amazon-pink-riverdolphin

anteater Kinkkajou

macaw2 Monkey23

Ocelot WhitePossum

otter poisonfrog

Standing_jaguar1 three-toed-sloth

Toucan GoldenMonkeys

Eculectus EculectusMale

Parakeet Parakeets


Turtle MonkeyHuddle


Since 1978 over 750,000 square kilometers (289,000 square miles) of Amazon rainforest have been destroyed across Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, and French Guiana. driven by industrial activities and large-scale agriculture. By the 2000s more than three-quarters of forest clearing in the Amazon was for cattle-ranching. Fire, bulldozers, and workers have been used to clear the land of its trees and jungles. The rainforest has been seriously wounded, and can no longer defend itself at the hands of uncaring people.

Gaze upon these devastating photos of deforestation. This is the work of humans. They take too much, and in return create supply and demand that keeps the wounding going. Envision the deforestation healed over with new growth that will turn to old growth. Envision the animals returning to their habitats. Envision the entire region flourishing in a fair balance of human need verses Amazon rainforest need.

AmazonRainforestDeforestation23 AMAZONdeforestation2

AMAZONDeforestation6 AMAZONDeforestation7



Lock your mind, emotions, and soul onto these photos of the Amazon rainforest on fire. This is the disaster that the rain must fall upon to help extinguish them.


The 2019 Amazon rainforest fires actually consist of a staggered number of about 72,000 fires. None of them are natural. They are all the product of human activity. Fire consumes everything that it encounters. It becomes even worse, because the countries directly impacted do not have sufficient firefighters or technology to combat the continent-wide blazes. At mid day, when the Sun should have been shining, the skies over the city of Sao Paulo were as black as night. This was caused by the smoke from the Amazon rainforest fires – even though that city was 125 miles away from the nearest flame.

Gaze at these photos of fiery devastation. It is now the dry season in the Amazon, and the wet season doesn’t begin until mid-December. That means that no rain is expected, especially of the kind that can put out fires like those that are burning through the Amazon rainforest. But take heart. The prep work done, with the help of RSM mission participants, was a big factor in unexpected clouds forming over small areas of the rainforest. It even sprinkled a bit, although not over the fires. This happened about 24 hrs after this mission was conceived and put into motion. This is great news for RSM mission participants, because once we launch this mission, the combined RSM group energy will help the rain get where it needs to be – and in larger quantity.



AMAZONRainforestFire5 AMAZONRainforestFires1


AmazonfireRueters SaoPauloBlackAfternoonSky


The Amazon rainforest is a rainforest, because of the relationship between the rain and the land upon which the Amazon resides. This is what creates the lush areas, and super diverse and bountiful life and sustaining natural foods. Rain is water, and that is the life source of the planet and of life on Earth.

Gaze upon all of these photos of the rain falling on the Amazon rainforest. See it. Smell it. Hear it. Realize it. This is what this Reality Shift Manifestation goal is all about. Envision the rain, not only falling on the land and its life, but falling on the fires that are ravaging the Amazon. Rain and the Amazon. The Amazon and rain. They are in sync with each other. Envision the Amazon and the rain being in sync right now. Then look at the photo with the rainbow over the Amazon rainforest. This is the sign that the rain has come home to the Amazon, and the wide girth of the rainbow is the sign that the rain was just exaclt what it needed to be – strong and on the mark.

PIX/amazonRainForestRain45.jpg rainforest-tropicalrain

RainforestRain12 RainforestRaineAmazon45





Follow the Reality Shift instructions exactly, because every detail has been researched, tested, and designed to empower Reality Shift participants in achieving the RSm mission goals.

A Reality Shift occurs when something in your local environment changes, and that change is due to an edit in the current time line.  Basically, whatever time line you have a primary awareness of – the one you’re reading from now, is your current time line. A Reality Shift differs from a Time Shift, in that a Reality Shift is a localized time line and dimensional change, whereas a Time Shift is a global and multi-dimensional and multi- time line change.  Time Shifts affect everyone, everything, and every time line and dimension.  Reality Shifts, being local to the dominant time line, affects only the RS mission subject - with a localized ripple effect that is unique to the RS mission.

The science/psience of Reality Shifts involves using your brain and soul energy, tune into the data stream of the Core Matrix, find the appropriate RSM mission co-existing time line byte or scenario. Once located, psi-lock onto the appropriate co-existing time line scenario or element and perform a copy of it in your brain and soul. Once that copy is anchored within you, paste the scenario into your current time line. This copy paste causes the current time line to be locally altered, via this Reality Shift edit.

In other words, you have the natural ability to locate – even imagine it to begin with – the elements that you want to copy from one co-existing time line and copy into this one. In this case, that element would be rain that falls on the fire of the Amazon rainforest. If you own a computer, and you’ve ever copy-pasted something from a web page into a document – or an e-mail that you’re composing, then you know exactly what has to be done. This is possible, because your brain is directly interfaced with the Core Matrix. Making the other co-existing time line copy does not harm the original. And when you paste that copy into its new home here – in this case the Amazon rainforest rain, you have a fine and functioning copy of the original.

BTW, the Core Matrix is not a machine. It is not a sentient being. It is not a computer. And it is not a god. It is something else entirely – and it is part of us, and who we are. Because of the brain to Core Matrix interface, we can do Reality Shift Manifestations.


The protocols, for a Reality Shift Manifestation mission, are easy to understand and do. The technique comes naturally to the human brain, because it is based on what the brain can do through its Core Matrix/brain interface - even when you don't know you are doing it. Everyone alive has this Core Matrix interface connection, and through this connection everyone can interface with various co-existing time line elements.

An RS Manifestation mission is a matter of copying an element from one or more co-existing time lines, and then pasting that desired element into the dominant [current] co-existing time line. In this case, the RSM mission will copy rain from one co-existing time line and copy paste it into this dominant co-existing time line. Just make sure, that what you copy from is rain from the Amazon. Grabbing rain from Anywhere else will not transfer well to the Amazon. Since the Amazon is a rainforest, with a rainy season that goes for half the year. You should have no trouble finding the rain element you are looking for.

Incorporate the photo experience that you synced with earlier. Remember what you say, felt, heard, and smelled. If you can’t – no problem. Return to that section and do the exercise again, Use your imagination, because that can be very helpful. You will know when you have succeeded. Each person feels their successful copy-paste a little differently than others. It’s personal to how you experience energy. But believe me you’ll now. It is a fantastic feeling of knowing. A successful Reality Shift Manifestation mission is dependent on raising your psi energy levels. This includes your brain, soul, heart, mind, spirit, and emotions. Those raised emotions are your RSM mission friend. By revving up, and sustaining your combined amped up energy, your focused personal psi energy can use your Core Matrix/brain interface in a powerful way.

When launched, your Reality Shift Manifestation energy will take on the form of blue, white, and purple energy bursting forth from you and your place of protection. Your programmed RSM energy is now programmed to travel via this blue explosion of energy. Your blue sphere of protection remains whole. The colors may be similar, but they are different energies. One is a protection bubble, and the other is your RSM energy. Here is what that blue burst of energy looks like. This is your mission energy. It’s powerful, purpose driven on a mission, and cannot be harm by any other energy out there.


Repeat this Reality Shift Manifestation mission, as many times as you during the 7 days of the mission window. If you are someone who joined in late, that's OK. Just follow the instructions and keep on repeating the mission until the mission period ends.


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