Starfire Tor has been writing and lecturing about her "Time Shifts", "Core Matrix", "Co-Existing Timelines", and "Unified Field Theory of Psi" discoveries for many years. Her cutting edge research, and concept-shattering knowledge, has been the inspiration for both scientific advancements and science-fiction story-lines. Starfire Tor understands the transformative nature of her revolutionary work, and her down-to-earth and easy-to-follow explanations makes the 'awareness upgrade' accessible to everyone.

For the first time on television Starfire Tor, Whitley Strieber, and Anne Strieber recount their documented Magic Castle Time Slip experience for The Discovery Channel’s new series “Weird Or What?”. The episode, titled “Grim Reapers”, first airs in the USA on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 8PM. Later in the year, the series will also air on The History Channel in Canada, and then worldwide.

Schedule for "Weird Or What?" on The Discovery Channel

Along with The Discovery Channel and The History Channel TV episode, you can learn more about the Magic Castle Time Slip, and Starfire Tor’s investigation, by visiting the following link.

Fascinating Background Information on
The Discovery Channel and
The History Channel Time Slip Show

Starfire Tor returns to Dreamland in one of her most powerful interviews. Listen as Whitley Strieber talks to Starfire Tor about their upcoming Discovery Channel show featuring the Magic Castle Time Slip event, and Starfire Tor's in depth and historical investigation. Afterward, Starfire Tor shares important information about time travel related truths and hoaxes, including her ground breaking research that proved that the Philadelphia Experiment is and always was a hoax.

Click on the links below for background material on topics discussed in this interview, and the upcoming Discovery Channel show on Time Shifts, Time Slips, and Time Travel.

Starfire Tor 3-20-2010 Dreamland Interview with Whitley Strieber

Time Line Anomaly At The Magic Castle Experienced 7-15-06

The Philadelphia Experiment Hoax Report

Starfire Tor and Whitley Strieber Dreamland Chat, Wednesday, March 24, 2010




Join Whitley Strieber, Anne Strieber, William Henry, Starfire Tor, and Brandon Scott at Whitley Strieber's "Dreamland Stargate Experience" October 16-18, 2009 at Joshua Tree.



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