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Disturbing Dreams & OBE Cluster




On December 30, 2010 I posted a message to my Inter-Dimension list, which was about a cluster of death, doom, and destruction themed dreams and OBEs. The post was titled “Disturbing Dreams & OBE Cluster/Death, Doom, Destruction”.

One of the scenarios I wrote about has manifested. I originally wrote:

“… The dreams and OBEs, although different in content, are linked by a common theme of death, doom, and destruction. … some survivors and I went out of the underground and up into a building above us where we had a good view of the changed world. People who had not heeded the warnings were dead above ground and visible to us. … There was now a river where there had been none. We could see giant crocodiles swimming in the new river, and heading toward the smell of the dead bodies. …”

I realized that one of my dream scenes had manifested, as I was watching news video of the devastating and deadly floods in Australia. The video showed a raging river where a town’s street had been. Buildings were either swept away, heavily damaged, or flooded to the rooftops. The news report said many people were missing and feared drowned. The images brought to mind my recent cluster of death, doom, and destruction dreams. In particular was the part presented above.

But what about the crocodiles I had seen in the dream? It turns out that the Australian authorities were warning people about the danger of encountering deadly crocodiles in the flood waters. With so many people missing and presumed dead in the flood waters, it was logical that crocodiles would be attracted to them. I found news report about this that were dated January 3, 2011 and January 4, 2011 which absolutely confirm the precog hit.


News Reports



Crocodiles, snakes are danger in flooded Australia

1/4/2011 Associated Press

ROCKHAMPTON, Australia — Residents of an Australian city cut off by some of the country's worst flooding in decades are being warned to stay out of the water, and not just because of the risk of being swept away: Debris, snakes and even crocodiles could also pose a danger.

Large parts of the coastal city of Rockhampton were under water Tuesday. The waters were still rising, with the 75,000-strong population bracing for the floods' expected peak in the next 24 hours as a huge inland sea spawned by heavy rain across Queensland state drains toward the ocean.

Residents on boats made their way through Rockhampton's flooded streets, while police checked houses to see whether they were occupied.

Up to 500 people have been evacuated from their homes along the Fitzroy River, which runs through the city and has spilled over its banks and inundated houses and businesses in waters ranging from a few inches (centimeters) to waist-deep, with levels expected to rise another few feet (half-meter). Air and rail links to the city were cut and only one main road remained open.

Rockhampton is the latest of 22 cities and towns in Queensland to be swamped by floods that began building just before Christmas — the worst effects of an unusually wet summer in the tropical region. No one has died in Rockhampton, but swollen rivers and flooding have killed 10 people in Queensland since late November, police say.

Officials have said the flooded area covers the size of France and Germany combined and 200,000 people have been affected.

Authorities have warned residents to stay out of floodwaters for their own safety, saying the biggest risk is from fast-moving currents powerful enough to sweep cars from roadways. At least two people have drowned after being swept away in their cars.

Mayor Carter has also said residents have reported seeing higher than usual numbers of snakes, as the animals move around looking for dry ground. He has also noted that saltwater crocodiles have been spotted from time to time in the Fitzroy River.

"We do not think they are a risk to public safety if people keep out of the waters, but if people do enter the waters their safety cannot be guaranteed," Carter told The Australian newspaper.

Animal welfare worker Wendy Hilcher said fears about snakes and crocodiles were hampering her group's efforts to rescue pets left behind by people who had left their homes in flooded areas of the city.

"It's not just the safety aspect of getting to these places, it's what's in the water itself," said Hilcher, from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. "If it gets too dangerous, we have to get out of there."


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