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One of the things that I OBE experience is the death of people and animals that I know. Sometimes I have this experience about people or animals I've never met, and am then propelled into a "Twilight Zone" like effort to intervene. Some of these deaths have been from natural causes, and others have been tragic and violent events. In most cases, having this future event knowledge hasn't allowed me to save lives. But every now and then I am able to intervene and save lives, so I strive to find ways to do just that.

In the case of Mrs. C, whose death her deceased mother came to tell me about, I found myself in a quandary. Do I tell Mrs. C. about the visitation, and stick my nose into her medical business to see if I could prevent whatever kills her? For a person who doesn't believe that such things are real, would that be the right thing for me to do? In the end, I decided to tell her that I'd had a dream about her mother, and then told her everything except the part about her death. When I got to the part about her mother's long hair, she remarked that it was true.

Shortly after that phone call, Mrs. C. went to the hospital for a medical procedure, and had a bad reaction. She was briefly hospitalized, and later told me that had she not been in the hospital setting, she would have died. Now that this had happened, she became very focused on her health and mortality. Six weeks after the death dream, I was scheduled to pick her up for lunch. Her sons were going to be out of town, for some reason, and she didn't want to be alone. She asked me if I knew any power prayers for healing, which I thought was an unusual request from a person who I knew didn't believe in such things. I told her I would bring one when I saw her the next day. What happened, that next day, is best told in my posted report found below. As you read my report, you should recognize the elements from the death dream. And although she didn't die in the restaurant, that's where we were heading that day. It also turned out that her sons were away on film business, just like I OBE saw. I've also come to terms, with the fact, that I could not have prevented her death - and in the end was there to give her some dignity. If we hadn't have had that lunch date, she would have been left dead in her son's house for who knows how long. In the end, I believe I fulfilled her mother's wishes.

Starfire Tor



April 3, 1999

Today, I arrived at a good friend's house to pick her up for lunch. She didn't answer my knocks or calls from my cell phone. Her car was parked out front, the TV was on, and she hadn't left a message to cancel the day. After a half hour of pounding on every door and window and searching for a way into the house, I decided to call the police for help.

When the police came we broke in and searched the house. It only took a few minutes to find her - dead and beyond any possibility of resuscitation. I was upset but not surprised. Six weeks before this I had 'The Death Dream' about her.

Why do I have these dreams if I can't be of help? What is the point of knowing the future if you can't positively impact it? Every one of my friends has their own interpretation of it, but none of their spiritual philosophizing sits well with me. Talking about it and experiencing it are very different. As an experiencer, I must challenge the dream's haunting taunt of powerlessness.

I don't expect answers. I'm just doing a little venting with my OBE sharing.

Starfire Tor

May 17, 1999

Some of your may recall that, in early April, I posted an experience in which I dreamed about the death of a friend, and shortly thereafter, found that friend dead. Well, after 6 weeks, my friend has finally returned to say 'hello'.

Of the handful of close friends that I have had, this friend was the one who was the most spiritually unaware. She was a brilliant attorney but when it came to ANY topic involving any psi enigma, including dreams, she just didn't believe any of it. Even in the face of evidence (and you just know that I could provide evidence) this attorney just shut her brain off to it. It seemed to me that she was afraid of the topic and chose to deny it rather than deal with it. But I knew that sooner or later, as all mortals do, she would die and the denials would have no place to go.

At the time of her death I identified her body as a swarm of police and emergency personal moved around the scene. And as I stood there staring at the last moment of her life, I suddenly thought what a surprise her death must have been to her. And what a greater surprise it must have been to discover that life continues through the soul. I figured she had already been greeted by her deceased family and was getting the spirit education of her life. It was the only positive thing I could think of at the moment.

I wondered if she would be able to contact me in the astral. But as time wore on and more than a month passed, I began to have my doubts that she had found her way into the astral. But last week, I encountered her. I was on an astral flight and found her in her old house in another state, which had been in escrow when she died. There she was, overseeing the house. She was a ghost!

Then, a week later, she came to me in a dream. She wanted to know what I was up to, particularly those business things she had been a part of. In the dream, I told her in detail. I actually woke up from this dream still linked to the conversation. It was still going on in my head, even tho I was awake. When my eyes were open, I could hear her, as the conversation was telepathic. When I closed my eyes, but while still awake, I could see her and hear her. So I got out of bed, went into my library, and showed her some related paperwork. Then she was gone. It was a strange thing to know that I had just had a business meeting with a ghost.

She is apparently still on the earth plane to take care of unfinished business. We never did discuss her obvious state of having lost her body, or the wonderful things she may have learned having been shed of it. So, I think that what we have here is a ghost in denial - not of having died - but that there is anything more than the Earth plane. I am training my brain that, should I ever encounter her again, I'll bring this topic up and see if she needs any guidance. Maybe she doesn't and some people just need to finish their Earth plane growth before moving on with other souls. But she's still my friend and I feel a sense of obligation to her well being.

Starfire Tor



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