The Holy Grail Of Hidden and Forbidden Secrets
© Discovered, Researched, and Written
Starfire Tor
June 1, 2018

Truthful knowledge is the greatest power on Earth. The Core Matrix, which is the Holy Grail of hidden and forbidden secrets, is the key to unlocking access to that power. Awareness of the Core Matrix, and how it functions, is the pathway to personal illumination, planetary unification, and freedom from the illusions, deceptions, and ignorance of the world. This awareness is the ultimate awakening of the human mind, spirit, and soul.

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This report contains information about my groundbreaking discoveries and research involving The Core Matrix. This includes the Core Matrix origins, what it is, where it is, what it looks like, how it functions, and how we relate to it. The information also includes the interconnected origin and function of Time Shifts, co-existing time lines, and time line edits. At the end, of this Core Matrix report, you will find a series of important images. They are essential visual tools, that will help you to best understand the amazing and unique information presented.

Prior to publishing this report, and with little exception, I have never before shared the bulk of this detailed Core Matrix information with the public. This includes the accompanying images of the Core Matrix, as well as the other various related images.

The report, itself, is an excerpt from my upcoming book “The Time Shift Effect: The Holy Grail Of Hidden And Forbidden Secrets”. To find out more about my book click on the button


If you would like to enhance your understanding, of the information in this Core Matrix report, you can hear me talk about it in my June 22, 2018 Dreamland interview with Whitley Strieber. Click on the button.


This report contains information about my groundbreaking discoveries and research involving The Core Matrix. This includes its origins, what it is, where it is, what it looks like, how it functions, and how we relate to it. The information also includes the interconnected origin and function of Time Shifts, co-existing time lines, and time line edits. At the end, of this Core Matrix report, you will find a series of important images. They are essential visual tools, that will help you to best understand the amazing and unique information presented.

The existence of the Core Matrix, Time Shifts, time line edits, and co-existing time lines is the greatest secret that no one ever knew existed … until I discovered these secrets decades ago. Hidden, from collective and individual conscious awareness, they are all part of the natural way that the universe works. These elements are all inter-related and purpose driven, that purpose being the resurrection and maintenance of existence itself.

The Core Matrix has an origin, and understanding that origin is necessary to understanding how and why it exists and functions. Understanding, this origin, is also the key to understanding who we are and why we exist within the framework of the Core Matrix. A journey of exploration, into the origin and workings of Core Matrix, is a journey of discovery into the very core of the human experience. This journey of exploration is also important, because it illuminates the natural connection that we have to the Core Matrix and its many co-existing time lines. We exist, in physical form, in many co-existing time lines at the same time. The idea, that we only exist in a single time line, is a false manmade belief. Also false, is the belief that time flows unchanged from the past to the present and into the future. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Reality is actually made up of ever changing co-existing time lines where events, elements, and time changes with every Time Shift and Core Matrix controlled time line edit. The Core Matrix does not trigger, nor control, the action of Time Shifts. Other forces do. The Core Matrix merely takes advantage of the Time Shift condition, so as to enact co-existing time line edits. No human, collection of humans, or beings of any sort is capable of creating a Time Shift or co-existing time line edit. However, humans can naturally trigger non-co-existing time line Reality Shift Manifestations. This means that humans – and other beings – have the ability to alter some elements in the dominant co-existing time line. There are rules, both ethical and fixed, as to what can and cannot be altered and manifested within the dominant co-existing time line. One fixed rule, is that people cannot choose which co-existing time line that they want to live in. There is no such thing as ‘time line jumping’ as a permanent course of action. Neither can just any wish, or purposeful intent, be manifested – regardless of what some misinformed people claim. I have been teaching, the successful protocols of Reality Shift Manifestation, for years.

The Core Matrix creates, streams, and stores untold numbers of co-existing time lines. This is due to Core Matrix Prime Directive programming, which is dedicated to resurrecting and maintaining a long ago destroyed universe – our original universe. Unlike the popular science fiction notion, that there are parallel time lines - or the similar mainstream science theories that expound the same thing, actual time line reality has a very different scientific foundation and language. The many time line versions, which simultaneously stream from the Core Matrix, do not run side by side - meaning that they do not run parallel to each other. All of these, many different and streaming time line versions, actually exist in the same space, and are only separated by their individual frequencies. This is why I call these many time lines co-existing time lines. This is the accurate terminology.

Not all co-existing time lines run in sync with one another. This can cause a literal shift in time, between co-existing time lines. The 11:11 time prompt, and other time prompts and synchronicities – all of which are Time Shift markers, are actually attempts by the Core Matrix to calibrate its multitude of co-existing time lines. Time looping, which consists of certain events repeating, is also a contributor to this out of sync problem between some co-existing time lines. Some co-existing time line edits, can even create conditions that cause people and objects to be thrust into conscious out of sync time scenarios. In some cases, people can suddenly find themselves in a time period or location that has nothing to do with where they originated. In other cases, people experience the sudden and seemingly impossible change in an object’s structure – such as the addition of a building’s floor, when that floor had not been there the day before. There are even situations, where a building or land feature appears where no building or land feature had been only hours before.

The brain is the interface to the Core Matrix, and it is through this interface – and a downloaded Core Matrix assimilation program – that causes people to believe that we only exist in a single forward advancing time line. The Core Matrix assimilation program maintains this illusion, by controlling how our brains perceive conscious awareness. The same assimilation program also shields our brains from consciously knowing that we co-inhabit many co-existing time lines simultaneously. All co-existing time lines are real time lines. Neither they, nor us, are holograms. Neither are we in a computer simulation or computer program, although it is reasonable to use that as an analogy.

We maintain physical bodies in more than one co-existing time line at a time, in those co-existing time lines in which we are alive. Just as our brains, are the interface to the Core Matrix, we also interface with every brain in which we inhabit a living body.  It is the Core Matrix’s assimilation program which keeps us from consciously accessing all personal co-existing time line memories and feelings at the same time. However, there are brief times when the Core Matrix assimilation gate is open. When this happens, the ability to access other co-existing time line data is possible. This would include the acquisition of future event knowledge, known as precognition, and various other psychic abilities involving knowledge.

Billions of years ago, our original universe was pulled into - and destroyed by - a supermassive rotating black hole. Such cosmic events were, and still are, part of the natural life and death cycle of the cosmos. In many cases, the death of one universe leads to the birth of another universe. That is our story, as it is for all life with whom we share this resurrected universe. Around, this supermassive rotating black hole, was and still is a supermassive rotating ergosphere. The supermassive rotating ergosphere is part of the supermassive rotating black hole’s outer dynamics. This rotating ergosphere, has such a tremendous amount of amassed energy, that even its connected supermassive rotating black hole cannot pull it into its destructive abyss of a singularity center.

Although, our original universe was destroyed by that supermassive rotating black hole, cosmic remnants were captured by and embedded into that same black hole’s supermassive rotating ergosphere. At times, most likely because of its engorged state, this supermassive rotating black hole expels some of what it had already absorbed and destroyed. Some of this expelled cosmic refuse, which no longer retained its original form and function, would eventually be reabsorbed by this still active supermassive rotating black hole. Some, of this expelled cosmic refuse, was captured by and embedded into, this black hole’s rotating ergosphere – where it was incorporated into the cosmic remnants already captured by the rotating ergosphere. These collective cosmic remnants, from our original universe, were eventually organized and resurrected to become the new universe in which we exist today.

This cosmic resurrection, was made possible, by the formation of the Core Matrix and its interaction with an energy called ‘the spark of life’ [SOL]. Only a few years ago, mainstream science believed that nothing could escape from a black hole. Now, because of newly understood data, mainstream science understands that energy can indeed escape from a black hole. While I was not the first person to theorize, that energy could escape from a black hole. I was the first person to connect a black hole energy release with the natural order of black hole functions and universe rebuilding.

The Core Matrix is a cosmic matter brain, which is primarily made up of integrated dark matter elements. The Core Matrix functions, as a collective and repository, of all cosmic elements and data rescued from our original universe. It exists within, and operates from, the supermassive ergosphere that rotates around the same supermassive rotating black hole that destroyed our original universe. All co-existing time lines are organized and streamed by and from the Core Matrix. For the sake, of user friendly understanding, I have likened the Core Matrix to the hard drive of a computer. I have done so, because like the Core Matrix, a computer hard drive collects, stores, organizes, and disseminates data. But beyond this simple analogy, the Core Matrix is very different from a computer and its hard drive. The Core Matrix is not a machine, nor is it an artificial intelligence or sentient being. As a cosmic matter brain, the Core Matrix can only be defined through a new and advanced awareness of the true laws of universal creation. Dark matter, which includes cosmic webbing, plays a key role in the formation and function of the Core Matrix.

The Core Matrix, and the rotating ergosphere in which it resides, must maintain an existence outside of the resurrected universe. The same goes for the universe destroying supermassive rotating black hole of infamy. This arrangement is essential, to the functioning integrity of the Core Matrix, as well as the integrity of the supermassive rotating black hole and its rotating ergosphere. Otherwise, the Core Matrix itself would be caught up in - and impacted and altered by - its own co-existing time line edits. That would be, the type of cosmic disaster, from which there can be no good recovery. Therefore, because of this separation, the universe eating supermassive rotating black hole cannot reabsorb and destroy the resurrected new universe.

These time line edits literally edit the latest co-existing time, which is called the dominant co-existing time line. Dominance lasts only as long as the latest time line edit lasts. There is a Core Matrix assimilation program that allows the living brain to choose which co-existing time line is the dominant time line. This assimilation program aligns all living brains, to be consciously aware of only a single dominant time line. The delivery system, of this assimilation program, is carried out through the interface between the Core Matrix and the living brain.

This same Core Matrix assimilation program, prevents the conscious brain from realizing, that the dominant co-existing time line has been altered. Time line editing, is directly related to, the Core Matrix Prime Directive to recreate the original universe. Since this whole recreation can never totally happen, due to the fact that the Core Matrix has only cosmic remnants to work with, it nevertheless continues to try.

These Core Matrix tries, at creating and maintaining a resurrected - but impossible to recreate universal wholeness - are spurred by more than the Core Matrix Prime Directive. Co-existing time line edits can be triggered by Time Shifts, frame dragging, the addition of new cosmic remnants released by the black hole, as well as cosmic or planetary ending events. Depending on the situation, and the Prime Directive program, the Core Matrix can seek resolution by either editing or entirely rebooting the dominant co-existing time line. This inability, to reproduce the original whole universe, results in a never ending series of co-existing time line edits.

Time Shifts are the leading factor, in creating the conditions necessary for the Core Matrix to engage in co-existing time line edits. Time Shifts are changes in space and time, that are literally created by the motion of rotating bodies and masses in space. These rotating bodies and masses - which can include black holes, suns, planets, and other elements and objects – can create a condition known as frame dragging. This frame dragging, in concert with the warping of space and time, allows the Core Matrix to engage in Prime Directive mandated co-existing time line reboots and edits. It can also be used for some types of time travel. The most dominant and powerful, of all Time Shift triggers, is the supermassive rotating black hole that absorbed and destroyed our original universe – and in whose supermassive rotating ergosphere the Core Matrix still resides. When this supermassive rotating black hole triggers a Time Shift, the entire resurrected universe is impacted and altered. It does not matter, that this Time Shift triggering black hole exists outside of the resurrected universe. That separation safeguard, is only in effect, as a protectant against being reabsorbed by that universe eating black hole.

When a Time Shift trigger is localized, such as happens when the activity from a spinning Sun impacts a spinning planet in its solar system, the co-existing time line edits only impact the space objects connected to that Sun. As an example: The spinning of our Sun, and the spinning of our planet, create separate frame dragging and space time altering conditions. Either of these conditions can cause a localized Time Shift to take place. However, such a Time Shift becomes more effective – meaning that it leads to Core Matrix enacted co-existing time line edits – when solar activity collides with the frame dragging of one of its planets such as the Earth. This solar activity collision, most often comes in the form of a coronal mass ejection [CME] or solar wind impact to the planet. All Time Shift activity, leaves some sort of Time Shift marker in its wake. Even when the conscious brain, is not aware that the dominant co-existing time line is being edited, Time Shift markers leave tell tale clues.

Here is a brief summary, of what to watch for in Time Shift and co-existing time line edit markers: Due to frequency and time line edit changes associated with Time Shifts there may be Time Shift triggered earthquake, volcano, tornado, weather, and geophysical events. Tech communications may be disrupted, cetaceans may strand or swim wrong way. Auroras will form. Time Shifts create an amplification of paranormal activity, ghost activity, haunting activity, poltergeist activity, apports, synchronicity, psi abilities, time/word/object prompts, deja vu, psychic dreaming, precognition events, awareness of Time Shift Living Dead persons, altered time line events, time line looping, altered terrain, altered structures, altered world events and more.

The blueprint of our cosmos - whether it’s the new or original one - includes a series of repetitive mathematical designs. These repetitive designs, can be seen, in the largest of elements and the smallest of elements. The ancient Greeks, who were the first to record this design repetition, called the enigma macrocosm and microcosm. Some use the expression “as above, so below” to describe it. An example, of this enigma, can be seen in the form of the stunning Helix Nebula. Technology, has allowed us to better see, macrocosm and microcosm in the universe. We all know what the human eye looks like, in its various shapes and colors. When the Hubble telescope turned its lens toward the far reaches of space, it was able to photograph a startling massive space enigma called the Helix Nebula aka the Eye of God. It got its nickname, because that nebula resembles a massive and colorful eye looking over the entire universe. The Helix Nebula is the macrocosm, and the human eye is the microcosm.

At this point, in science and technology, humankind can only see the smallest fraction of the universe. Most of the cosmos is beyond human reach and comprehension. But, if we could pull back on the camera view of the Helix Nebula, and get a wider and more comprehensive look at it in relationship to the rest of the universe, we would see more than just a nebula that looks like a gigantic floating space eye. We would see the whole body artistically represented through the appearance of nebulas, galaxies, black holes, galactic gases, suns, planets, moons, and dark matter. In other words: The image, of a cosmic eye, may be more than just a single stunning image. What we see of the Helix Nebula, from our position in space, is but a small part of its grander visual and meaning. From other points in space, the Helix Nebula might not even look like an eye at all. Its form might alter, depending on one’s physical point in space. Regardless, the nebula would still be part of a microcosm and macrocosm reflected design.

The cosmic matter brain, aka the Core Matrix, is also an example of cosmic macrocosm and microcosm. The neural networking, of the human brain—as well as many other brains – looks and functions like a cosmic matter brain. The dark matter cosmic webbing, that is fundamental to the form and function of the Core Matrix, is replicated in design and function by an actual living brain. In looking at a slice of the Core Matrix, and then a slice of the living human brain, it is clear that the two are almost identical in look. The dark matter cosmic webbing, that is the structural foundation of the Core Matrix, is mimicked in form and function by the living brain. Furthermore, the living brain is the interface to the Core Matrix. So is dark matter. This is how the Core Matrix and the living brain communicate. This is how humans can consciously realize the existence of various co-existing time lines, as well as their own existence.

Dark matter, above and beyond a cosmic matter brain, connects and molds the entire universe. This includes its ability to connect cosmic gasses, galaxies, stars, nebulas, black holes, solar systems, planets, SOL energy, and other space elements. Dark matter also spans and connects all co-existing time lines and their dimensions. Looking at, a dark matter filled slice of the universe, it is very similar to looking at a slice of the Core Matrix and a slice of a living brain’s neural network. Again, this is the mathematical design of macrocosm and microcosm in action.

The resurrected universe contains thousands of other black holes, including those at the center of some galaxies like our own Milky Way galaxy. Some, of these new universe black holes, absorb parts of the new universe. This is the natural order of things. However, none of this new universe black hole activity – even by the ones that destroy galaxies in the new universe - rise to the level of destruction that destroyed our original universe. One day, such a supermassive rotating black hole event will occur again, but that day is billions of years away.

Just because, the new universe exists within a different dimensional frequency then the old universe, does not mean that the two universes are not connected. They are, even though that connection is created and guarded by the functions of the Core Matrix. The new resurrected universe, like the old universe, is made up of visible and bundled atom producing electrons, protons, and neutrons. At one time, mainstream science believed that this was the sum and substance of existence – even though this bundle made up only about 5% of the physical universe. Decades ago, when I made my scientific discoveries, I realized that other forces were involved in the whole of existence. Not just 5% of existence. I realized, that beyond these visible bundles, there were other vital forces in the universe. I understood, because of the existence and actions of Time Shifts and co-existing time lines, that these other forces where in fact the glue and building blocks that made all existence possible.

I collectively called, these heretofore undiscovered vital forces, cosmic matter. I broke up, this cosmic matter, into compartments based on function. Some cosmic matter, which I called cosmic webbing, molds and holds all cosmic matter together. This includes, molding and holding together, the atomic bundles already recognized by mainstream science. Cosmic matter, also includes, what I call spark of life [SOL] energy. Existence depends on SOL energy, as there can be no life and no universe without it. It literally acts as a life and cosmic activity initiating catalyst. If the divine force, is to be found anywhere, it would be in SOL energy.

SOL energy, remnants of which were rescued by the rotating ergosphere, worked with the Core Matrix to eventually resurrect the new universe. The Core Matrix formed, not because SOL energy created it, but because the existence of sufficient amounts of universal remnants required it. However, without SOL energy, the rescued universal elements would have only been stored by the Core Matrix. Without SOL energy, there would have been no resurrected universal life and no streaming co-existing time lines. BTW, SOL energy is different than soul energy, although the word sound similarities are meaningful at many levels.

Then there is “The Big Bang”, which is the prevailing scientific theory on how the universe began. Through various models and scientific readings, most of mainstream science currently believes that the universe began as a small singularity 13.8 billion years ago. For reasons that mainstream science has yet to figure out, the universe came into being suddenly – and grew to mega humongous size – in the blink of an eye. At 13.8 billion years old, mysteries about the universe abound. Perhaps the biggest mystery, is how a 13.8 billion year old universe could contain elements that take more than 13.8 billion years to develop. This conundrum is a head scratcher, unless one knows the origin of this universe. The answer is quite simple: The big bang happened, when the Core Matrix “went online” by streaming the new resurrected universe. As for the conundrum, that developmental age mystery is no mystery at all. It cosmic elements in question exist, because this universe was salvaged and resurrected from a much older original universe. This resurrected universe, contains material that is much older than when this new universe went online.

Today, mainstream science is catching up to many of my pioneering scientific revelations. This includes the proof that frame dragging exists, as it relates to the science of Time Shifts and co-existing time line edits. While I was not the original frame dragging theorist, I was able to prove older frame dragging theories through my Core Matrix discoveries and research. The recent discovery, of what mainstream science calls dark matter and dark energy, is a confirmation of my cosmic matter and cosmic webbing information of decades ago. Dark matter, and dark energy, are the equivalent of what I always called cosmic matter. According to mainstream science, dark energy accounts for the gravitational effects on visible matter, as well as the expansion of the universe in whole or part. Dark matter, accounts for the holding together and connecting to, of visible and non- visible matter. Dark matter exists in universal stealth mode. It does not reveal its existence, as visible matter, because it does not emit, absorb, or reflect light. Nor does it give off electromagnetic radiation, infrared radiation, ultraviolet radiation, gamma rays, x-rays, or radio waves.

Today, mainstream science believes that bundled atomic matter, aka baryonic matter, makes up about 5% of the visible universe. The rest of the universe, they currently believe, is made up of about 27% dark matter and 68% dark energy. Undoubtedly, mainstream science will adjust these percentages as new information is calculated. Depending on my continued research findings, I may be the one to alter these mainstream science percentages. But for now, I am using these mainstream science percentages.

There is something else, which is important to the dissemination of Core Matrix information. In all likelihood, there exists more than one Core Matrix and more than one universe set up. In other words, our Core Matrix is not the only Core Matrix in existence.

Remember: Truthful knowledge is power, and knowing about the Core Matrix - the Holy Grail of hidden and forbidden secrets – is the key to planetary peace and unity through the power of truth.



The Helix Nebula, also known as The Eye Of God nebula, is located 650 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Aquarius. Discovered in the early 1800s, the nebula’s appearance is a good example of macrocosm-microcosm universal patterns.


This photo shows the supermassive black hole, located in the Sagittarius A region at the center of our Milky Way galaxy.. All similar type galaxies have supermassive black holes at their core. Our galaxy is only one of possibly trillions of galaxies reconstructed and streamed from the Core Matrix. Unseen, in this photo, is the dark matter cosmic webbing holding the galaxy together. Photo credit NASAA.


This is a supermassive black hole showing its center singularity, inner and outer event horizon, ergosphere, and outer cosmic matter. Space and time are dragged along with the rotation of the black hole and its ergopshere. Photo credit: NRAO AUL NSF with additional artistic additions by Starfire Tor.


This is a simplified diagram of the structure of a rotating black hole. Photo credit: Pranita and Priyanka.


This is what basic dark matter looks like, which is a multi-dimensional and co-existing time line connective webbing of cosmic material. Dark matter cosmic webbing holds all cosmic matter together, in all dimensions and all co-existing time lines. Note the similarity to the brain’s basic neural network, which is also connected to dark matter webbing. Photo credit: Starfire Tor


This computer image shows dark matter cosmic webbing interconnecting star clusters, nebulas, galaxies, black holes, and other space matter. Dark matter cosmic webbing holds all cosmic matter together, and spans and connects all dimensions and all co-existing time lines. Note the similarity to the brain’s neural network, which dark matter is also connected to. Photo credit: Illustris Collaboration.


This is a computer image of the brain’s neural network. Note the similarity to the structure of dark matter cosmic webbing, which the brain is also connected to. Photo credit: Invidia with additional artistic additions by Starfire Tor.


This is a window view slice, of what the Core Matrix looks like. The Core Matrix is located within the rotating ergosphere, of the supermassive black hole that absorbed and destroyed our original cosmos. It is basically made up of dark matter cosmic webbing, which contains all elements used to recreate and stream all co-existing time lines and their multiple dimensions. Note the similarity to the brain’s neural network, which dark matter cosmic webbing is also connected to. Photo credit Starfire Tor.

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