April, 2016    TIME SHIFT  ALERT

Starfire Tor is the discoverer and chief researcher of Time Shifts, The Core Matrix, and Co-Existing Time Lines.  These are terms she coined to describe astounding interconnected phenomenon in which our reality and dominant current time line is constantly being edited and restructured.

The ancient origin of the Core Matrix, Time Shifts, and Co-Existing time lines involves a black hole, matter, anti-matter, and other exotic elements.  Despite the immense, and symbiotic cosmic powers that brought the Time Shift mechanism into being, the continuation of this mechanism's function requires a source of power capable of triggering the Core Matrix's prime directive.  The sun is one of those power sources.
This is why some Time Shifts are triggered by certain types of solar activity impacting and interacting with the Earth's magnetosphere.   Whether from the Earth's magnetic field being hit with solar winds, solar flares, or CMEs the effect sets into motion the Time Shift mechanism which involves the altering of  frequencies which are the foundation of all  Core Matrix Co-Existing time line programs. The above graphic illustrates the flow of energy between the Sun and the Earth. 

To learn more about this ground breaking work please listen to Starfire Tor's many interviews, including the ones with Whitley Strieber on Dreamland and her many appearances on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, George Noory and Whitley Strieber.


The Time Shift Alerts presented by Starfire Tor do not represent all Time Shifts or Time Shift Alerts.  Nor does this Time Shift information present all Time Shift science or scientific results.  The purpose of sharing this sampling is to educate people about the science of Time Shifts.  Part of this Time Shift Alert education involves historical events including the September 11, 2001 attacks in the U.S., the December 26, 2004 earthquake and tsunami in the Sumatra-Indonesia region, and the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.


A word about those of you who contact me through a private FB message. I want you all to know that I read every single message that is sent to me. I care about what you have to say to me, whether you are sharing a personal story or have some research info for me. However, due to the fact that I get hundreds of private messages a month - in some months over a thousand, it is impossible for me to privately respond to them all. What I try to do is randomly pick 50 messages a week that I do respond to. This choice is totally random, because I view most of the private messages as being equally important in content. So, please do not be offended if you contact me privately - but do not get a response. Just know that I read every single message, and take note of the information. 

Your best chance, of getting a response from me, is if you join a FB wall chat. That way, when I respond to you, everyone has the chance to learn from your experience, research - and of course what I have to chime in with. It's about maximizing my ability to get the information to the people - and not to just a single person at a time. Sometimes, my response will be to click the 'like' icon to let you know that I've read your remarks. Other times I'll chime in, if I feel I have something to add. The most important thing, though, is that you will always know that I've read what you wrote. 


Here I am, just catting about town. Meow


Worldwide Geomagnetic Storm In Progress
Time Shift and Time Line Edit Activity In Progress
Time Shift Markers Include Time Looping
April 2, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

On March 30, 2016, I reported that Earth had been hit with a solar wind stream, stemming from co-rotating interaction [CIR] activity, This CIR solar wind hit triggered a geomagnetic storm in the northern latitudes. This, in turn, triggered Time Shift and time line edit activity. Oddly, the March 30, 2016 geomagnetic storm was not recognized as being part of the CIR event - even though there was no other visible source for this wind stream. Then, on April 1, 2016 it's announced that the CIR hit will happen today April 2, 2016. Sure enough, Earth did get hit - again I might add - and you can see this geomagnetic storm activity on this NOAA k-index chart. 

So, what is a CIR? Solar winds blow out from solar coronal holes, which are openings in the Sun's outer layer of energy. Solar winds are not solar flares. The size and speed, of the solar wind, depends on the size of the coronal hole. A CIR happens in space, when more than one solar wind release catches up to each other and forms a stronger combined solar wind. When this kind of solar wind combo heads to Earth, and Earth conditions are receptive, the result is a triggered geomagnetic storm.

Like many other curious Sun-Earth events, that I have pointed out in the past, this one reveals that it is a Time Shift marker. Why? Because this CIR event has time looped and repeated the action. In other words, the CIR event hit Earth twice - but only one of them is being acknowledged. Why? Because, the Time Shift, and time line edits literally edited out the origins of the first CIR hit, and in the new dominant co-existing time line, that same CIR hit days later. This is a perfect example of very obvious and physically documented time looping. Time looping is a wow of a Time Shift marker.  

Ghost Asylum aka Tennessee Wraith Chasers

From time to time I will be sharing some of my reviews of 'reality' and documentary TV shows that feature paranormal, supernatural, time anomaly, time travel, cryptozoology, ET, and UFO subjects. As the discoverer of The Unified Field Theory Of Psi - as well as the Core Matrix, Time Shifts, and Co-Existing time lines - I hope that you find my expertise, and point of view, enlightening and useful.
~ Starfire Tor

In 2014, a new ghost hunting reality series debuted on the Destination America channel. It's still airing. It's called "Ghost Asylum", and features the ghost hunting antics of the Tennessee Wraith Chasers. The way things are, in this competitive paranormal TV market, you have to have a gimmick to get a show. Well, this group certainly has a gimmick - and it's not one that I have much faith in, as serious ghost investigations go. In fact, some of what I saw could be down right dangerous to them, and to those who have no idea how they disturbed various locations with potentially dangerous energy and entities.

I take the time to watch every paranormal related TV series - at least 2 episodes per series to be fair - that airs. The ones that I like I watch more of. Some TV series are intelligent but mundane limited investigations ["Ghost Hunters" aka TAPS would be an example of that], some tell about hauntings and possessions through re-enactments ["Ghostly Encounters", "Celebrity Ghost Stories", "The Haunted"], some investigators search out and take on demonics ["The Dead Files"], and some involve self proclaimed psychics whose abilities are in serious question ["Ghosts In My House"].

And then there is Ghost Asylum, which bills itself as a ghost hunting reality series with a twist. The twist? They claim that they can trap nasty spirits, contain them, and even dispose of them through these means. The group is energetic, likable, gung-ho, and definitely out of the box. Unfortunately, this does not translate to a meaningful or safe paranormal investigation or entity trapping and disposing mission. They build these contraptions, that they promote can trap ghosts and evil entities - thereby ridding a haunted location of the haunting entity. They've invested their beliefs in information that is nothing more than folklore, here say, and theory. Not only is none of it proven, but the scientific basics that they go on are not scientific basics at all. Therefore, regardless of what they promote on their show, their system is not workable. Their methods are not safe, and in many cases their beliefs may put them and others in serious jeopardy of spirit or demonic attack, attachment, or even possession.

Whatever is or isn't good paranormal science and info, one thing is for sure. They have a tendency to do what is called 'provoking'. No paranormal investigation should involve provoking, unless you are experienced and in it to the end. Why? because if there really is an entity, provoking it will make things worse. Too many paranormal investigators provoke - and then leave the investigation - thereby leaving the original experiencers to deal with an angry entity. Since I doubt, that the Tennessee Wraith Chasers actually trap and remove entities from a location, their habit of provoking mean trouble for them and for those left behind at the haunted location.

It gets worse. In one show, they built a ghost trapping box - and then claimed that they had trapped the entity in the box. No evidence to that claim was given. But let's, for a moment, pretend that they had trapped an entity in their box. What they did next proved - beyond a shadow of a doubt - that their knowledge is very limited, and that what they don't know is dangerous. In order to get rid, of the so-called entity in the box, they took that box into the woods and blew it up. Yep, they believed that blowing up the box would destroy or disperse the entity. But it wouldn't. If an entity, had been trapped in that box, blowing up the box would have released the entity. The entity itself would not be destroyed. Not only that, but this entity would now be released into the woods where innocent people and animals could be attacked. What they did was incredibly irresponsible. 

Other episodes fared no better. This includes a recent one, where they are involved in an exorcism that included the psychic Chip Coffey. Based on what I saw in this episode, including the whole fantasy bent of the show, I have grave doubts that an actual and/or successful exorcism took place. Failed exorcisms make for very angry spirits, ghosts, and/or demons.

Go ahead and watch the show, to see what I'm talking about. But please do not take, what you are watching, seriously. Do not emulate them, and please do not promote their 'entity in a box' beliefs. That would just be spreading the potential for harm, should others try to emulate what they see the Tennessee Wraith Chasers doing on TV.

Earth may or may not get hit with another geomagnetic storm, in the next few hours to a day. I'm keeping watch on the situation. 


Brief Geomagnetic Storm In Northern Latitudes
Time Shift and Time Line Edits Triggered
The Core Matrix At Work
April 6, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

The expected solar energy hit has come to pass, but the hit was more of a brief whimper than a full on and mighty wack. It produced a short term geomagnetic storm, but only in the northern latitudes - as this NOAA k-index chart shows. Regardless of the light touch, that brief hot was enough to trigger.Time Shift and time line edit activity.  

Many of the reported Time Shift markers have involved world events, which effect all of us in the world. The first is the race for the US Prez job. The second is a continuation of a time line edit associated with a nuke threat from N Korea. I've have reported about both of these Time Shift markers before. You can read up on them, which I recommend.

Let me be very clear about both of these world events, and how Time Shifts work and do not work. I've spoken of this before, but it's worth mentioning again. The Core Matrix, which is the source of all co-existing time lines and time line edits, does not create time line edits as part of a plan to make someone a president, create world strife and cruelty, or anything else in our soap opera-like world. Nor can any human, being, entity, or cosmic force control what The Core Matrix does. The Core Matrix is not a sentient being. It exists within the ergosphere of the black hole region that consumed the cosmos that we originally hail from - and not just us. Everything and everyone.from that Cosmos. The Core Matrix was formed, because that ergosphere caught and retained enough elements from that swallowed Cosmos to trigger something that I call "The Prime Directive Of Life". This Prime Directive is the original programming that insures that life exists and thrives in the Cosmos. Because the Core Matrix only has remnants of the original Cosmos to work with, to bring back to life the original cosmos, it is in an eternal search to make things right. This is why there are never ending time line edits, and the creation of new co-existing time lines. The Core Matrix will never stop trying to re-create the original Cosmos, and no amount of trying can make things the way that they originally were.  


Time Shift Living Dead Person Report
Merle Haggard April 6, 1937 – April 6, 2016
Reported April 7, 2016

Yesterday, April 6, 2016, I reported about Time Shift and time line edit activity. One of the most mind blowing Time Shift markers is an enigma that I named "The Time Shift Living Dead" aka the TSLD phenomena. You can read more about TSLD here, which includes what it is and the science behind it. I discovered that science, as part of my Time Shift discoveries

I sometimes report on TSLD people, usually because I have received so many independent reports about a particular person being a TS:D person. This time I'm reporting that Merle Haggard, the country music legend, has died. His latest death was yesterday April 6, 2016. He was 79 years old. That's right, it happened during known Time Shift activity.

One of the best ways, to wrap your head around Time Shifts, The Core Matrix, and co-existing time lines is to have a dual co-existing time line memory of your own. When you can recall, the same person dying more than once, that is something that exists as a dual memory conflict. How can a person have two different memories about the same event or person? Because of my discoveries and research, this memory conflict is no longer a mystery or a conflict. It can be explained through the science of co-existing time lines - and how the brain interfaces with and remembers other co-existing time line Core Matrix streaming data.

How many of you have a memory of Merle Haggard having died before? If you do, can you remember what your memories consist of?  

K-index_2016-04_April-08_0005  EarthOrbitToroid

Another Geomagnetic Storm In Progress
Time Shift and Time Line Edits Continue
Heliospheric Current Sheet Involved
April 7, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Earth is experiencing yet another geomagnetic storm, and with it a wave of new Time Shift and time line edit activity. But unlike yesterdays geomagnetic storm, which was triggered by a solar stream, today's geomagnetic storm was triggered by a type of solar energy that is a bit more complex than a solar wind stream. It was triggered by something called a heliospheric current sheet [HCS] aka the interplanetary current sheet [ICS]. Within this solar energy is an underlying magnetic field, which is called the interplanetary magnetic field [IMF]. 

The interacting energy, which sources from the Sun, creates an electric current that both forms and drives its behavior and direction. As the Sun rotates, the interacting energy twists into a spiral that extends into our solar system. It's a very big spiral of energy In this case, the HCS was aimed at Earth - and it has arrived. The result is geomagnetic storming, which is nearly worldwide, as can be seen in this NOAA k-index chart. I've also included a graphic, which depicts the shape of the HCS as it twists and expands.

Here is a brief summary of what to watch for in Time Shift markers. Due to frequency and time line edit changes associated with Time Shifts there may be Time Shift triggered earthquake, volcano, tornado, weather, and geophysical events. Tech communications may be disrupted, cetaceans may strand or swim wrong way. Auroras will form. Time Shifts create an amplification of paranormal activity, ghost activity, haunting activity, poltergeist activity, apports, synchronicity, psi abilities, time/word/object prompts, deja vu, psychic dreaming, precognition events, awareness of Time Shift Living Dead persons, altered time line events, time line looping, altered terrain, altered structures, altered world events and more. 

SunSpot_20160831_211500_SomethingHUGEthisWayComes  SunSpot_20160831_211500_SomethingHUGEthisWayComes_closeup

Something HUGE This Way Comes
April 7, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Behold this current SDO photo of the Sun. Now look to the left rim. Do you see it? It's a huge sunspot, that is rotating onto the Earth facing side of the Sun. I haven't seen a sunspot, this large, in many long months. But I figured that something like this was coming, because of the visible explosions recently coming from just behind that same rim. So stay tuned, because sunspot-wise, it looks like the Sun has awoken from its solar slumber.  


Something HUGE Has Arrived
Meet Giant Sunspot 2529 and the Time Line Edit
April 8, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Yesterday, I reported that a huge sunspot was beginning to rotate onto the Earth facing side of the Sun. This behemoth, which has been given the number 2529 - which is way larger than the Earth in size, has now rotated into view. Check out this current SDO photo of 2529.

As if the size wasn't enough to bring attention to it, something a bit more significant is going on with it. I reported, that I knew something big was coming because of the many visible explosions that were coming from just behind the Sun's left rim. Generally, when a sunspot is active like that, it has a complex magnetic field. It's that complex magnetic field that is a big reason why powerful solar flares occur. And yet, today it was noted - by the SDO experts who make such determinations - that 2529 has a "simple magnetic field that poses little threat for strong solar flares". This statement, which I do not doubt is true, flies in the face of the Sun's recent documented activity from behind the rim. This is the same area where giant sunspot 2529 was positioned at the time of that solar activity.

There could only have been one source, for all of that solar activity ... giant sunspot 2529. That means, that 2529 had to have had a complex magnetic field when those solar flares were blasting out from the Sun. But now its magnetic field is only simple? On its face, that makes no sense. It's true, that a sunspot can exhaust its energy and change from having a magnetically complex core to a simple magnetic core. But when that happens, the size and cohesiveness of that sunspot usually gets smaller and less defined. That change can happen very quickly. But looking at the well formed core, to 2529, it does not have the signature look of a sunspot that has run out of power. It has a giant cohesive core.

So, what does this mean? Barring 2529, being a new kind of sunspot with unusual properties never before encountered, this oddity has all the markings of being a time line edit Time Shift marker. This is not surprising, since this particular solar activity did happen during the same Time Shift wave that produced many Time Shift markers - including the Time Shift Living Dead phenomena. See my Time Shift Living Dead report on Merle Haggard.

Because of what I have pointed out, no one can predict what will happen with 2529. Will it remain a docile giant, as it rotates across the Sun? Will it suddenly develop a complex magnetic core, and send a solar flare Earth's way? Or will it keep its simple magnetic core, and despite that blast out a powerful solar flare?

Stay tuned. When it comes to Time Shift activity, the situation with sunspot 2529 is on my watch list.  

CME_0411_013423_SDO-AIA-335_Blue2  SunSpot_20160412_003000_2529

Active Giant Sunspot 2529 Grows Larger
Defies Solar Minimum
April 11, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Update: Giant sunspot 2590 has grown larger and more active, as it continues its rotation across the Earth facing side of the Sun. It's that really big spot, in this current SDO photo. However, none of those solar flares - like the one seen in this SDO photo from today - has risen above C flare status. Not only that, but none of these flares has been able to break away from the Sun. This means, that none of its Earth facing flares has yet pose a danger because the energy remains trapped on the Sun by magnetic elements. This also means, that this huge amount of solar energy continues to fall back to the Sun - and that sunspot. This is one of the reasons why this sunspot has grown and not diminished - so far. Because 2529 is getting closer to being center solar disk, if it does release a solar flare, that solar flare has a good chance of making it to Earth. As things are going, with that sunspot, these continued energy releases are causing a lot of magnetic play and tension on the Sun. At some point, it's very possible that a magnetic complexity will translate into a higher intensity flare - at the very least an M flare.

Here's another thing, I want you all to know. I've already mentioned, in an earlier post, that this super sized sunspot hasn't been seen in a long time. This humongous sunspot, has appeared, at the time of solar minimum. What is solar minimum? It's part of the Sun's cycle, where sunspots and their solar activity are either very low or non-existent. It makes 2529 a really big surprise. This only adds to what I wrote, about this sunspot and Time Shift activity. 


New Geomagnetic Storm In Progress
Time Shift and Time Line Edits
April 12, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Earth is experiencing a new geomagnetic storm event, which sources from the Earth being hit by an expected solar wind. This solar wind came from a coronal hole on the Sun. This NOAA k-index chart shows this geomagnetic storm hit, which for now has gained a G-1 intensity status.

This solar energy hit, by way of a geomagnetic storm, has triggered Time Shift and time line edit activity. So keep your awareness tuned in to personal and global Time Shift markers.  

  ·  April 15, 2016 
The recent geomagnetic storms triggered some stunning aurora activity in Finland. Photo by B.Art Braafhart. 

The auroras may be dancing in Finland, as I showed in my previous post, but here in LA the wind is blowing up a storm. At times, the wind gusts were so strong that they shook my house. I've never felt that before, and neither have my LA friends. 


Giant Sunspot 2529 Reaches Center Solar Disk
April 15, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

As you can see, in this SDO photo, giant sunspot 2529 has reached the critical position of Earth facing center solar disk - and nothing much of anything happened. There was a C flare that went nowhere, and a B flare that behaved similarly. Therefore, unless this giant suddenly releases a coronal mass ejection in the next few days, it looks like Earth dodged a potential solar bullet. 

Meanwhile, the 3 day geomagnetic storm has quieted down. Whether this also means, that the solar triggered Time Shifts have also calmed down, has yet to be seen. Just because a Time Shift trigger, reaches it's energy end, does not necessarily mean that the Time Shift activity has also stopped.  


Japan Hit with Multiple Large Time Shift Earthquakes
April 15, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Starting on April 14, 2016 UTC time, Japan has been hit by 3 large earthquakes. There was 6.2 and a 6.0 quake on 4-14-16, and then a 7.0 quake today 4-15-16 UTC time. Along with these, Japan has been hit with smaller related quakes. They were all on land, and did not generate any tsunamis. It's the tsunamis which cause the most deaths and devastation - by the thousands. So far, Japan has reported less than 20 deaths associated with these quakes. This will not be the final count, because there have been many building collapses. This map, from the Japan Meteorological Association, shows the region where all of these quakes hit.

If you are not yet aware, these powerful quakes happened during the recent reported Time Shift activity. In my previous related reports, I explained that something powerful was going on with a wave of Time Shift and time line activity. I explained that there would be Time Shift markers of the global kind, along with personal ones. I even explained why and how something strange was going on with giant sunspot 2529, and that this strangeness was directly related to powerful time line edits.

This quake activity in Japan, which is very unusual in the way that they clustered, are Time Shift markers. In my Time Shift marker info I write, in part "... there may be Time Shift triggered earthquake, volcano, tornado, weather, and geophysical events...". Many of you have already reported about the strange weather, experienced around the world.

Not all earthquakes are Time Shift triggered quakes - but these quakes are. Here is what you need to know, about the connection between Time Shifts and these quakes. Time Shifts, in and of themselves, do not happen just to cause an earthquake. Instead, it is the editing of time lines that causes the quakes. The quakes happen when the newly edited time line restructures the planet, as everything comes back on line in the form of a new co-existing time line. Because all co-existing time lines involve frequencies, the triggering and sorting out of those frequencies triggers earthquakes - which themselves emit frequencies.

Also be aware, that geomagnetic storms do not trigger earthquakes. If they did, then there would be powerful quakes every time there was a geomagnetic storm. Yet time and time again, I have showed you that most geomagnetic storms - even the most powerful ones - do not see powerful earthquakes during that time. Nothing has changed, in the pattern of earthquakes, when the Earth is hit with geomagnetic storms.

However, a pattern has emerged when it comes to certain types of Time Shift activity and large earthquakes in Japan. Because so many Times Shifts are triggered by the same solar energy that triggers geomagnetic storms, people who don't know about Time Shifts can make errors connecting geomagnetic storms as triggers to deadly quakes. But you all know better, because you're reading this. The Japan-geomagnetic storm-Time Shift earthquake pattern, that I talking about, concerns the deadly tsunami that Japan suffered in March 2011. That killer quake was a 9 magnitude, which generated a terrible killer tsunami. At the time, there was a corresponding geomagnetic storm. There was also Time Shift activity. It's the Time Shift activity, that triggered that killer quake - and not the geomagnetic storm.  


Ecuador Hit with 7.8 Time Shift Earthquake
More Core Matrix Prime Directive Time Line Edits
April 16, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Today April 16, 2016 UTC, the Earth was hit with yet another Time Shift triggered earthquake. It hit Ecuador with a 7.8 magnitude, and so far at least 20 people have been reported as being killed. This number will rise. Yesterday I reported about 3 Time Shift triggered earthquakes that hit Japan. They were a 6.2 and a 6.0 quake on April 14, 2016, and a 7.0 quake on April 15, 2016 UTC time. Both countries are still experiencing many smaller aftershocks. Please read my earlier reports, because I go into detail about why those quakes are to be considered Time Shift related. 

Today's Ecuador quake was considerably larger that the quakes that recently hit Japan, and this is a pattern of quake activity that I've noted - many times - in my Time Shift research. These types of quakes, as well as unusual weather and other geophysical events, happen when the Core Matrix engages severe time line corrections in order to maintain its prime directive. 

I will be posting a separate report, on the main catastrophes that can trigger the Core Matrix to engage in life saving Prime Directive time line edits. Watch for it.  

CME_04-18_004025_SDO-AIA-335_Blue2    CMX-Chart_04-17,18

Near X Flare Blast From Giant Sunspot 2529
R2 Radio Blackout
Core Matrix Prime Directive Time Line Edits Confirmed
April 17, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Giant sunspot 2529, which I've been reporting on for more than a week - as it regards time line edits and the Core Matrix Prime Directive, has just blasted off an M6.7 solar flare. This is a near X flare. It is not as yet known, whether this powerful flare produced a coronal mass ejection [CME]. If it did, then Earth may receive a glancing blow from the solar event, because 2529 is still on the Earth facing side of the Sun. You can see the blast in this SDO image, as well as how it was recorded on a solar flare chart. If no CME event occurred, then all of that energy will fall back down to the Sun and that sunspot. In that case, expect more powerful blasts.

I had linked giant sunspot 2529, which oddly appeared during a solar minimum period, to an earlier Time Line Marker event involving a geomagnetic storm that had no acknowledged source. This generally happens when there has been a Time Shift triggered time line edit, and the source of the geomagnetic storm has been edited out of the new co-existing time line. At the same time, I reported solar blasts from behind the left rim of the Sun. I suspected something unusual was going on, and I reported this. Then giant 2529 rotated onto the Earth facing side of the Sun, and it's a tremendous surprise to other scientists - but not to me. My Time Shift research gives me an edge. Solar scientists also said that 2529 was not magnetically complex enough to produce anything other than low level solar flares. While I did not questions, that 2529 showed only a simple magnetic structure, I also said that it would not remain that way - if what I suspected was true.

What did I suspect? When I saw the pattern, that sunspot 2529 and certain geomagnetic storms were engaged in - adding to that, the powerful earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador - I knew that the Core Matrix was triggered severe Prime Directive related time line edits. Why? There is only one reason that this happens - to correct a life and/or planet ending event that already occurred in a co-existing time line. I suspected, that the event was a scorch earth blast generated by that sunspot. But, I could only be sure if the sunspot actually blasted out a powerful solar flare - at a point where it was no longer solar center disk. This is exactly what has happened.

The time line edits altered how and where that sunspot's energy was released. In doing so, we were spared a scorched earth catastrophe. This wasn't just the size and power, of this blast, because it was less of a blast than it was in the deadly co-existing time line. Much of that co-existing time line energy was used up in a series of lesser blasts in the B and C range. Here's something else you all need to understand: The Core Matrix's Prime Directive time line edits do not kick in, just because a powerful solar flare knocks out our power and communication grids. The Prime Directive would not kick in, even if Earth was left without these grids for years. It would only kick in, if the solar hit created a scorched earth situation that burned the planet, removed our oxygen, and basically ended us. 

As I said yesterday: I will be reporting more, about the Core Matrix Prime Directive. I tried to get that report done, before this near X flare event happened - but I just couldn't beat the clock, so to speak. 

Near X Flare Blast From Giant Sunspot 2529
R2 Radio Blackout
Core Matrix Prime Directive Time Line Edits Confirmed
April 17, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report.

I'm looking at some raw data, from the 2529 M6.7 solar flare, and I can see that there has been a coronal mass ejection {CME]. When the more refined images are released I'll share them with you. Please read my earlier report, on this event, and what it means. 


Near X Flare Blast From Giant Sunspot 2529
Large and Wide CME Produced
Core Matrix Prime Directive Time Line Edits Confirmed
April 18, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report.

Please read all of my related previous posts, because they contain important information about the Core Matrix's Prime Directive time line edits. These are the time line edits that restructure our current co-existing time line, when a previous co-existing time line has experienced something catastrophic in the Cosmos or to our planet. Also, watch for my future post, which outlines what conditions can trigger a Prime Directive severe time line edit - like the ones we are now experiencing.

As I reported yesterday, raw data showed that giant sunspot 2529's M6.7 solar flare did development into a coronal mass ejection [CME]. Now the refined SDO images are here, and I'm sharing one of them with you all. As you can see, this CME - although blasting off from near the Sun's right rim - is a powerful and wide CME. This is why, I said, that Earth may receive a glancing hit from the fast moving solar energy. If it does, and nothing else happens to offset that hit - such as more time line edits - then the results should be here in about 2 days. Generally, it takes a CME 3 days to travel from the Sun to the Earth.

Right now, 2529 has rotated even closer to the Sun's right rim. Soon, it will rotate onto the far side of the Sun where even large solar flares will not be directed at Earth. 2529 still has enough energy to blast off another large solar flare, while it's still on the Earth facing side of the Sun.

Elsewhere, in the Sun-Earth relationship, another solar wind is heading our way. This originated from an Earth facing coronal hole that opened up 3-4 days ago. It is expected to reach us tomorrow April 19, 2016. Generally, it takes a solar wind 4 days to travel from the Sun to the Earth. This means, that there are possibly 2 separate solar energies heading to Earth at around the same time. If this is the case, then the CME will overtake the solar wind and become entangled with it. This has the potential to amp up the intensity of any geomagnetic storms produced.  


Near X Flare Blast From Giant Sunspot 2529
Large and Wide CME Produced
Core Matrix Prime Directive Time Line Edits Confirmed
April 19, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Please read all of my related previous posts, because they contain important information about the Core Matrix's Prime Directive time line edits.

NOAA reported today, that this near X flare M6.7 coronal Mass Ejection [CME] - fired off from giant sunspot 2529 - will not hit the Earth at all. Theor computer model shows the wide CME traveling in a direction that will miss the Earth entirely. I have no reason to doubt that model - barring any further time line edits that may change the situation. I have to put that caveat in, simply because the life and activity of this huge sunspot has been impacted by time line edits.

By missing Earth entirely, it means that none of the solar energy - from the previous co-existing time line's CME catastrophe - will touch us. That should be viewed, as a successful outcome of Core Matrix driven time line edits related to the Prime Directive. Remember what I wrote - the CME, in this form, is nowhere as powerful or Earth directed as what it was in the catastrophic previous co-existing time line. Through time line edits, the energy of the current CME has been reduced and positioned off the Sun-Earth line. This image, of 2529's CME, is from SDO.

This leaves a solar wind, coming our way, which was supposed to hit today April 19, 2016. It is nowhere in sight. Because of this, NOAA has revised its solar wind forecast to widen the arrival time. There's nothing unusual in that. What is unusual, is the unintentional typo that NOAA included in its revised prediction. Perhaps they won't even realize that the typo is there, until they read this report:) NOAA has extended the solar wind arrival time as being between April 19-29. I assure you, that there is not a 10 day window for any solar wind - including this one. I suspect that they meant to report April 19-20 as the arrival window. When it comes to time line edits, it's best not to leave anything like this unremarked upon - just in case it turns out to mean something in due time.  

Internet Hoax: The moon will not appear green tonight April 20, 2016. Please do not spread this hoax.


Mystery G3 Geomagnetic Storm In Progress
Time Line Edits Still In Progress
April 21, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Check out this current NOAA k-index chart, which shows geomagnetic storms and their intensity. That single purple column means that Earth is being hit with an intense G3 geomagnetic storm. This is a very strange happening, not because there is a geomagnetic storm - which is a bit strange, considering that a solar wind has taken 2 extra days to reach Earth. It is strange because of the intensity.

As I reported earlier, Earth should have been hit by a solar wind on April 19, 2016. That date is 4 days after the coronal hole released the solar wind. It takes 4 days for a solar wind to travel from the Sun to the Earth. When that solar wind did not show up on time, the arrival date was changed to accommodate a longer journey of an extra day. Keep that in mind, as I tell you this. Solar winds, all by themselves, do not exceed an intensity of G2. Usually they settle in at G1 intensity. But a G3 intensity is way higher in intensity than a simple solar wind would or should be. This begs the question: What is the source of this powerful G3 geomagnetic storm? And if this is that same expected solar wind - and only that solar wind - then why did it take so long to get here from the Sun? Then there is the matter of that powerful near X flare coronal mass ejection [CME], that is entangled with the Core Matrix Prime Directive time line edits. NOAA said that the CME was in no way going to hit the Earth. But is that what has happened, to cause this G3 intensity.

Aren't these mysteries thought provoking? No matter how you look at them, the answers all fall back to time line edits. If a solar wind is involved, it is either the one that is 2 days late - or one with no visible source at all. If it is from that solar flare, then that CME changed course from where it was originally heading. The next solar wind was not expected to arrive until April 24-25, 2016. There are more mysteries than this - some of them quite profound. Just keep on reading my reports to find out more.  

CME_04-16_1818_Blue SunSpot_20160421_231500_2533

April 16, 2016 Mystery Solar Flare
Part Of Core Matrix Prime Directive Time Line Edit
April 21, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Please read all of my reports, relating to this Core Matrix Prime Directive time line edit series of events. They explain what the Prime Directive is, and how the Core Matrix engaged in time line edits that restructured our planet after Earth was devastated by a solar flare scorched Earth event in a co-existing time line.

I've been holding on to this photo evidence since April 16, 2016. This solar flare, which you can see in this SOHO image from that date, fired off on the same day that Ecuador was hit with a 7.8 Time Shift Earthquake. Why is this solar flare so important? After all, it is not the same solar flare that scorched Earth in a different co-existing time line. It's important, because not one single scientists remarked about it, not does it appear in any solar flare charts or lists. As I've reported many times, far side solar flares do not appear on solar flare charts. That's just not good science. Regardless, the size of this flare should have brought attention to it. Instead, other scientists ignored it. I didn't, because I understand the importance of its appearance.

As you can see, this was a powerful flare - more so since the originating sunspot is behind the left rim. Then, when whatever sunspot that was, should have rotated onto the Earth facing side of the Sun - it wasn't there. The only sunspot, that did appear, was 2533 - and that sunspot never had the energy or size to fire off a solar flare like this one. Whatever did fire off that solar flare is no longer in existence, in this co-existing time line. You can see 2533 in this current SDO photo. 

I've reported on this type of solar behavior before, where solar activity comes and goes in a manner that does not behave as it should. It's all evidence of time line edits, and because of when and where it happened, it's evidence that folds into the Core Matrix Prime Directive time line edits that I've been reporting on. 


Geomagnetic Storm Mysteries Continue
Expected Solar Wind and G1 Geomagnetic Storm Hits
Time Shift Time Line Edit Wave Continues
Time Shift Markers Include Object Manifestations/Moving
April 23, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Please read all of my reports, relating to the recent Core Matrix Prime Directive time line edit series of events. They explain what the Prime Directive is, and how the Core Matrix engaged in time line edits that restructured our planet after Earth was devastated by a solar flare scorched Earth event in a co-existing time line. 

As I reported, on April 21, 2016, Earth experienced a geomagnetic storm of unknown origin. This was one more Time Shift marker, in a long line of Time Shift markers associated with the recent Core Matrix Prime Directive time line edits. This current geomagnetic storm sources from a coronal hole's solar wind, which was expected to hit Earth April 23-24, 2016. Like most solar wind triggered geomagnetic storms, this one is an ordinary G1 in intensity. This is in stark contrast to the mysterious and intense G3 geomagnetic storm from April 21m 2016. Now take a look at the activity on April 22, 2016 - a day after the mystery G3 geomagnetic storm, and a day before the arrival of the expected current G1 geomagnetic storm. Earth experienced a combination of geomagnetic storm and unsettled magnetic field triggered energy. Yesterday's geomagnetic storm was not a part of today's solar wind hit So, where did it come from? Was it a part of the mysterious solar energy that hit Earth on April 21, 2016? Or was it something different entirely? Is this an extension of the Core Matrix's Prime Directive time line edits? You can see, the varied geomagnetic storm activity, on this current NOAA k-index chart. 

Starting yesterday, April 22, 2016, I began to get another uptick in Time Shift marker reports. Of all of the Time Shift marker things, that people can experience, the most reported experience involved objects that manifested - where nothing had been there before, as well as objects that moved without any visible source to have moved them. This involved items, big and small, as well as personal and non-personal items. This type of Time Shift generated activity is not activity caused by a haunting, ghosts, spirits, or even malevolent energies. It may look like it, on the surface, but they are really a result of a time line edit. It happens, when the time line edit is sloppy and the brain - the interface to the Core Matrix - is not completely assimilated and programmed to believe that there is only one time line and nothing in that one time line has changed. It can sometimes be very hard, to know the difference between something having popped in or moved because of a time line edit, or because of a haunting- but there are ways to tell the difference. It takes knowledge and experience, with each case needing its own individual investigation.  


This incredible and dynamic light burst of an aurora was seen in the skies over Norway. Photo by Rune H. Selnes.


Mystery Geomagnetic Storm In Northern Latitudes
No Uptick In Time Shift Marker Reports - Strange
Solar Sector Boundary Crossing Due April 29-30, 2016
April 27, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Yet another geomagnetic storm hit Earth today April 27, 2016, with no discernible origin. As you can see, by this NOAA k-index chart, the geomagnetic activity happened only in the Northern latitudes and then calmed. This is interesting, because this usually means that time line edits are happening, and that the origins of the geomagnetic storm were unintentionally edited out of the current co-existing time line.

What is more interesting, is that I did not get an uptick in Time Shift marker reports. This uptick, which is generated from all over the world, is an indicator that a Time Shift is in progress. My question is: If the cause of today's geomagnetic activity was time line edit related, then why don't I have the Time Shift marker evidence to prove it. Yes, the expected Time Shift marker reports could have been edited out of the current co-existing time line - but that isn't very probable. While many could have been, and I'm sure in the past have been, the diversity of people reporting makes Time Shift marker reports reliable as heralds of Time Shift activity. Unless something else manifests, as an indicator of Time Shift activity, the situation will remain a mystery. Maybe there were time line edits, and maybe there were no time line edits associated with today's geomagnetic storm. 

Meanwhile, solar sector boundary crossing is expected to hit Earth sometime between April 29-30, 2016. This will happen because Earth will be crossing a type of fold in what is called the heliospheric current sheet. This sheet and fold is a really huge undulating structure in our solar system that separates space regions of opposite magnetic polarity. This happens, every now and then, and when it does the Earth interaction triggers geomagnetic storming. Such geomagnetic activity is generally relegated to the pole regions. Triggering a whole Earth geomagnetic storm would be highly unusual. Let's see what the event brings.  


Darkside Solar Torch Shows Something Powerful Is Coming
Solar Sector Boundary Crossing Not Here Yet
April 29, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Check out this current solar image from SDO, and that large bright torch of energy blasting out from the Sun's left rim. Actually, that blast of solar energy is sourcing from an unseen sunspot on the non-Earth facing side of the Sun - and it will soon be rotating into an Earth facing position. At the same time, there are 6 low level sunspots on the Earth facing side of the Sun. This is a bit unusual, being that the Sun is supposed to be in a state of solar minimum. But then, this is not a surprise considering the giant and powerful sunspot that developed 2 weeks ago. That's the one involved in the series of Prime Directive time line edits, where our co-existing time line dodged a scorched Earth event.
You can learn more about that by reading the related reports here.

Meanwhile, the solar sector boundary crossing - that is expected to hit Earth sometime between April 29-30, 2016 - has not arrived as of this moment. Earth's magnetic readings are very, vert low. This is the literal calm before the storm.


Solar Sector Boundary Crossing Not Here Yet
New Solar Wind Expected At The Same Time
Earth's Magnetic Field Calm For Now
April 30, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

The solar sector boundary crossing, that was expected to hit Earth sometime between April 29-30, 2016 - and is still expected today, has not yet arrived. Neither has the solar wind, from a small coronal hole that opened up days ago. That solar wind hit is expected either today or tomorrow. Earth's magnetic readings are very low, as can be seen in this current NOAA K-index chart. This is the literal calm before the storm. While the small solar wind would only produce a light G1 geomagnetic storm, the energy from the solar sector boundary crossing has the potential to trigger a more intense geomagnetic storm. If these 2 solar energy packages hit at the same time, then the potential for even more intense geomagnetic activity is present. Any one of these conditions can trigger Time Shift activity. Stay tuned.  

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