February, 2016    TIME SHIFT  ALERT

Starfire Tor is the discoverer and chief researcher of Time Shifts, The Core Matrix, and Co-Existing Time Lines.  These are terms she coined to describe astounding interconnected phenomenon in which our reality and dominant current time line is constantly being edited and restructured.

The ancient origin of the Core Matrix, Time Shifts, and Co-Existing time lines involves a black hole, matter, anti-matter, and other exotic elements.  Despite the immense, and symbiotic cosmic powers that brought the Time Shift mechanism into being, the continuation of this mechanism's function requires a source of power capable of triggering the Core Matrix's prime directive.  The sun is one of those power sources.
This is why some Time Shifts are triggered by certain types of solar activity impacting and interacting with the Earth's magnetosphere.   Whether from the Earth's magnetic field being hit with solar winds, solar flares, or CMEs the effect sets into motion the Time Shift mechanism which involves the altering of  frequencies which are the foundation of all  Core Matrix Co-Existing time line programs. The above graphic illustrates the flow of energy between the Sun and the Earth. 

To learn more about this ground breaking work please listen to Starfire Tor's many interviews, including the ones with Whitley Strieber on Dreamland and her many appearances on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, George Noory and Whitley Strieber.


The Time Shift Alerts presented by Starfire Tor do not represent all Time Shifts or Time Shift Alerts.  Nor does this Time Shift information present all Time Shift science or scientific results.  The purpose of sharing this sampling is to educate people about the science of Time Shifts.  Part of this Time Shift Alert education involves historical events including the September 11, 2001 attacks in the U.S., the December 26, 2004 earthquake and tsunami in the Sumatra-Indonesia region, and the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.




THE REAL X-FILES: The CIA has just made some of its UFO files available on line. These files are mainly from the 1940s and 1950s, and were previously made available through the Freedom of Information Act in 1978. Perhaps most of you don't know this - but now you do. Apparently, the CIA was inspired to do this in conjunction with the airing of the new X-Files mini-series, which I previously reported about. Enjoy the UFO file search.

REAL UFO AND ET FACTS: Both ETs and ET craft are real, and have been around for thousands of years. However, this does not mean that all reports of UFOs and ETs are the real deal. The US [and others] made up some of the UFO and ET stories as a cover for their black ops work on flying craft - some of which sourced from Germany after WWII. Some of these black ops projects were an attempt at reverse engineering - but most is not. Some UFO and ET reports are absolutely genuine. However, most UFO and ET reports are not of authentic ET UFOs or ETs. Some false - but honest UFO reports - are of either natural enigmas or black ops projects. Many UFO and ET reports are intentional hoaxes made up and promoted by either extremely dishonest independent people - or the government itself. Some ETs are the real deal. Some are not. Some ET abductions are real - but most are either hoaxes or are natural sleep and dream brain events that have been misunderstood by the experiencer. This includes the phenomena of sleep paralysis, as well as paranormal activity. This is a tricky one, because some ET abductions do involve paralysis. It takes a very experienced expert to know the difference between a dream incident, sleep paralysis, a paranormal experience, and an authentic ET abduction. Yes, I am that expert :)

The 'I Want To Believe' poster was featured in the original X-Files TV series

K-index_2016-02-Feb-08_1230 CME_02-08_1230_Blue

Time Shift Still In Progress
The Time Shift Science Of Frame Dragging Explained
Geomagnetic Storm In Progress / Auroras Galore
Sun Fires Off CME
February 8, 2016, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

As you can see, by this NOAA k-index geomagnetic chart, geomagnetic activity is continuing. One of the main triggers, of Time Shift activity, are solar energy sourced geomagnetic storms on Earth. This happens due to a condition called induced frame dragging, which is what causes time to go wonky. In the last century. Josef Lense and Hans Thirring started theorizing on frame dragging in 1918. Einstein later put some interesting theories together concerning the possibility that time is not constant due to frame dragging. He put his ideas into his General Theory Of Relativity. But until I discovered Time Shifts, frame dragging had remained a theory only. I was the first to document that frame dragging was real, as well as to provide a larger view of how and why it worked. Decades after my discovery, NASA also proved that frame dragging was a real phenomena that affected time and space. Needless to say, frame dragging is a part of Time Shift science/psience.

So, you might ask yourself - at least I'm hoping you are asking yourself - what is frame dragging? It's a very complex subject involving mass, rotation, electromagnetism, and the altering of time and space due to conditions involving these things and more. More simply put: frame dragging happens when energy moves around a rotating object [a non rotating object too, but that is a slightly different science]. Time wise, everything is rather linear until some form of energy changes the speed at which some of the energy is moving around a rotating object. In this case, that rotating object is the Earth and the moving energy is solar energy that has blasted away from the Sun in the form of coronal mass ejections [CME] and solar winds.

When that solar energy stream hits the Earth, this solar energy begins to move around the Earth while the Earth is spinning. But the new solar energy is joining the energy that is already moving around the Earth. This new energy is moving at a faster or slower speed than what is already there - which is the established space-time continuum. These differing speed energies cause the space time continuum, around the Earth, to be in conflict. Think of a time line like a movie film with frames [look that one up if you don't understand movie frames]. Then think of something acting upon those movie frames that either speeds up the frames or slows them down. That's frame dragging. That's all well and good, except that both 'film' or time line speeds cannot exist in the same space and time. The are both real and so they must co-exist, but that can only happen if they can co-exist in the same space but assigned their own separate frequencies. This is the science behind my discovery of co-existing time lines, which are part of my Time Shift discoveries.

How do geomagnetic storms fit in? Simple. The solar energy, that can cause frame dragging, is the same energy that triggers geomagnetic storms on Earth. Not only do geomagnetic storms herald that frame dragging solar energy is hitting Earth, the geomagnetic storm itself aides in facilitating the effect that frame dragging has on the dominant time line. In effect, geomagnetic storms help to keep the space time continuum ripe for there to be time line edits as relates to the Core Matrix straming time line data and prime time line directive.

This information is unique to my discoveries, and will be further explained in my new upcoming book on Time Shifts.

At this time, besides the geomagnetic storming and Time Shifts continuing, the Sun has fired off a dandy looking CME. Also, the current geomagnetic storm has spawned some beautiful aurora activity. So enjoy, those of you who are where that action is.


   Febuary 11, 2016
Science News: Gravitational waves have been detected, which confirms one of Einstein’s major theories. This is an important discovery, and one that ties into my Time Shift discoveries and research. It was only days ago that I posted about Einstein's theories, and how my Time Shift discovery had proven Einstein's thoughts about frame dragging and the flexibility of the space-time continuum. So I want you all to know about it. Gravitational waves involve the ripples in the fabric of space-time that Einstein predicted a century ago. So enjoy the article, which has some nice visual vids to help you all get what the discovery entails.

Gravitational Waves Detected, Confirming Einstein’s Theory
About a hundred years ago, Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves, but until now, they were undetectable. By DENNIS OVERBYE, JONATHAN CORUM and JASON DRAKEFORD on Publish Date February 11, 2016. Photo by Artist's rendering/Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes.   »


February 12, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Brief Note: The Sun has just fired off an M1 flare. This, on the heels of a C9 Earth directed coronal mass ejection that fired off yesterday. Basically, there is a whole lot going on including a geomagnetic storm, an R1 radio blackout, at least 1 incoming CME - and of course Time Shift activity. I'll report more after I have amassed and analyzed the data.

K-index_2016-02-Feb-13_1230  CME_02-11_2224_Red

Special Time Shift Day In Progress
M1 and C9 Solar Flares
Earth Directed CME To Hit February 14-15, 2016
R1 Radio Blackout Sunspot 2497
Geomagnetic Storm In progress
February 13, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Here is the updated report that I promised. February 13 - regardless of the year - happens to be a very special day as far as Time Shift activity and research is concerned. Although I have yet to figure out why this date is a Time Shift red flag date, it non-the-less turns out to be a date where time slips and time line editing create some very interesting personal, global, and cosmic events. There doesn't even have to be obvious Time Shift triggers, on this day. It doesn't seem to matter - although today there is a geomagnetic storm in progress [see NOAA k-index chart]. The wealth of Time Shift markers tells the tale of increased and dramatic Time Shift activity. BTW, there is no obvious source for this northern latitude geomagnetic storm.

The Time Shift activity, which is so unusual about February 13, is associated with a confluence of history, events, and people. Time Shift markers, which I'll re-give the list of below, is generally related to personal Time Shift experiences even when these experiences are beyond your own life. But on today, history itself is edited in a way that changes how the time line presents the entire make-up of our world. This includes politics, scientific discoveries, countries, people, and power. This is the day that people and their work and ideas, who are prominent in their fields, do a disappearing act. And if not a total disappearing act, their contributions to the world are seriously altered so that these contributions no longer exist or matter. Think Tesla. Think about what the world lost, because his brilliance was shunned in order to make the elite a lot of money and power. This shunning, and turn of events, was Time line edit related. Something happens on this date, where people and their contributions are edited so that they and their work are no longer supported. Just keep this in mind: People cannot control time line edits, nir can they trigger Time Shift activity. Something else is going on. This is a very complex and important part of Time Shift research,

Back to the Sun-Earth connection. On February 11, 2016 Earth facing sunspot 2497 fired off a long duration near M flare that developed into a partial halo coronal mass ejection [CME]. You can see it in this SOHO photo. A portion of this CME is expected to reach Earth sometime between February 14-15, 2016. On February 12, 2016 the same sunspot fired off an M1 solar flare that produced an R1 radio blackout on Earth. However, the energy fell back to the Sun and did not produce a CME. 2497 is very capable of firing off more powerful solar flares. It is still Earth facing.



Special Time Shift Day In Progress
February 13, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Please read the original report from today. In this update, it should come as no surprise that sunspot 2497 has just fired off another M 1.8 flare that triggered an R1 radio blackout. Like yesterday's M flare, this one did not produce a coronal mass ejection [CME]. So like the other one, this M flare's energy fell back to the Sun. Because of this, sunspot 2497 has developed into a sunspot region that is capable of firing off more M flares and even an X flare. Right now, 2497 is still Earth facing. This SDO photo shows today's M1.8 flare as it fired off.  

StarfireTor_Feb13,2016.jpg  StarfireTor_inMall_Feb13,2016.jpg
Feburary 13, 2016

Those of you, who follow my research and adventures, have come to realize that I rarely post photos of myself. I'm big on posting photos of my research and work, but not of me. This may seem odd, in a social media world where sharing photos of one's self is as common as a grain of sand. The reason is very simple - There are very few photos of me. This is especially true, since I became ill in late 2014 and then began my recovery through to right now. This near death illness, which was caused by the improper medical treatment I received, ravaged my health and the look of my body. My weight dropped to below 90 pounds. I could barely look at myself in the mirror, no less share photos.

Here you see 2 photos of me. The first is from mid 2015, when I am still terribly thin and gaunt and very ill. At that time I was being weaned off of the deadly medications, which made this moment the starting point of my healing from the medication toxicity. I had this photo taken simply to celebrate and document my near miraculous turn from near death to life. I put on the same hat, and the same minimal make-up, that I had worn in a photo that was taken only a couple of years before I became deathly ill.

The second photo was taken only days ago, as I made one of my rare outings to a favorite bookstore. I'm a scholar and a bookaholic, and I have a large research library. At my most ill, I could not even read a page of anything - no less take an interest in my library of knowledge and wonder. But as I got better, I worked my way up to being able to read a bit here and there. I'm still not up to full scholar speed - but one day I will be. I hope that you can see, in this most recent photo, that I have put my weight back on at the proper 100 pounds that I should be. Hey - that used to be a mighty muscled 100 pounds! BTW, I have on sunglasses because I'm standing in front of a wall of light. 

Anyway, I'm still working on my recovery and have a ways to go. The difference, between then and now, is like night and day. Some days are better than others. But I'm still here. I continue. My work continues. Through these photos I wanted you all to see how I was doing - and to thank those of you - and the divine - who made my miracle possible. 


Worldwide Geomagnetic Storm In Progress
Time Shift Activity Still In Progress
Time Shift Markers Manifest
Solar Activity Produces Many M Flares and Coronal Holes
February 16, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Earth is currently experiencing worldwide geomagnetic storming, that ranges from a G3 to a G1 condition depending on where in the world you are. This NOAA k-index chart tells the story. This geomagnetic storm was not triggered by the expected incoming solar energy from an Earth directed coronal mass ejection [CME]. That CME appears - at least for now - to be lost in space in time. This is not unusual when time line edits are active. The cause of this particular geomagnetic storm appears to be a solar wind flowing from a coronal hole that opened days ago. Regardless of origin, this Sun-Earth connection has triggered Time Shift and time line edit activity.

There has also been a series of M flares, and near M flares, firing off from the Sun during this RS wave. But only a C9 [near M flare] solar flare produced a CME. The other flares fell back to the Sun. Now, that sunspot - 2497 - is rotating off of the Earth facing side of the Sun where its impact on Earth will be reduced to almost zero.

This wave of Time Shift activity, including the one currently in progress, has created some very distinct time shift markers. This includes the February 13 world changing phenomena that I reported would happen. My next post will further address this, beyond my February 13, 2016 post. One of the most reported Time Shift marker phenomena, associated with this TS wave, has been poltergeist-like activity, psychic dreaming, and episodes of precognition. In fact, my February 13, 2016 report turned out to be precognitive.  


Unique Information Found Nowhere Else
February 13 Time Shift Enigma and Precognition Evidence
February 16, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

Yesterday I told you, that I was going to blow your minds - and here is the evidence that is going to do just that. So read and be amazed, because I am. On February 13, 2016, at 6:10am ·PST, I posted a very special report titled "Special Time Shift Day In Progress ...". Please re-read this original post, and then read this major update. The Time Shift enigma information, that I am sharing with you, is absolutely unique and not found anywhere else. It is known only by me, because it is a part of my long running Time Shift research.

When I posted my February 13 special enigma post, I thought long and hard about sharing this unique information. Obviously I've known about this enigma for years, but this is the first time that I have ever publicly talked about it. Part of my decision to do so came from my desire to get more of my knowledge to the world. Long ago I proved the scientific significance of my discoveries and research, so I was confident that this February 13 enigma report would be respected - not necessarily understood - but respected. What I did not realize, at the time, was that hours after posting my information would be physically validated. But even more so, this validation would also include confirming that my post itself contained precognition elements. My being able, to psi-see future events, is nothing new and is well documented publicly. But until this latest evidence manifested, I had no idea that the information in my post would become prophetic.

I do want you to read the entire original post, to fully understand the enormity of the whole thing.. Here's a part of it: " ... The Time Shift activity, which is so unusual about February 13, is associated with a confluence of history, events, and people. Time Shift markers, which I'll re-give the list of below, is generally related to personal Time Shift experiences even when these experiences are beyond your own life. But on today, history itself is edited in a way that changes how the time line presents the entire make-up of our world. This includes politics, scientific discoveries, countries, people, and power. This is the day that people and their work and ideas, who are prominent in their fields, do a disappearing act. ... Just keep this in mind: People cannot control time line edits, nor can they trigger Time Shift activity. Something else is going on. This is a very complex and important part of Time Shift research, ..."

Generally, the February 13 Time Shift enigma can not be entirely traced through any ordinary list of time line events - although such lists are immensely important and helpful. More specifically, my knowledge is massed by following the trend of Time Shift time line edits and how that has impacted and changed co-existing time lines. But ever now and then, an Feb 13 enigma happens that is so 'in-your-face' that it's impact on the world cannot be denied. No one has to know, about Time Shifts, in order to see and grasp the connection between the date and the world changing event.

This 'in-your-face' event happened on February 13, 2016 when it was reported that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died in his sleep at a ranch in Texas. Many of you may not know who this man was, but I suggest that you find out. It doesn't matter which country you live in, because this event is changing the world on so many levels. The main change will be impacting who will become the next president of the US, and that - in turn - impacts the whole world. The moment Scalia's death was announced, the political quagmire and fight for political power began. What also began were conspiracy theories. Yet not one of those conspiracy theories has a clue about what really happened, and that it is part of the Feb 13 enigma and Time Shifts. This means that no person or group orchestrated the death. Something did, but a sentient being regardless of species.

It is quite clear, that upon Scalia's death, my post became one of precognition. Documentation shows that I posted many hours before the man's body was even found, which was later that day in relation to my post. I did not mention Scalia by name, in my post, only the February 13th date of political upheaval that would happen with the disappearance of someone who had great political power. Because of this, and because all precognition is due to how the brain remembers other co-existing time lines [the brain-Core Matrix interface], I now realize that my urgent need to post about the February 13th enigma was being driven by the part of my brain that had a recollection of Scalia's death on that date.

Go here to learn more about Antonin Scalia, and why his death will reshape American politics - including the race for president.

"Justice Antonin Scalia's death quickly sparks political battle"

Starfire Tor


Worldwide Geomagnetic Storm Still In Progress
Time Shift Activity Still In Progress
February 17, 2016 Solar Activity and Time Shift Activity Report

As you can see, by this NOAA k-index chart, worldwide geomagnetic activity is still in progress. So are Time Shifts, for that matter. This geomagnetic storming is still due to the solar wind that Earth is being hit by. The expected coronal mass ejection, expected earlier from an Earth facing solar flare, has still not made an entrance - at least as far as this co-existing time line is concerned. I may have to mark that one lost in time and space. We'll see. In the meanwhile, auroras are doing the sky dance of color as this geomagnetic energy continues.  


The recent geomagnetic storming created some beautiful auroras, especially in the northern latitudes. This multicolored one was seen and photographed in Alaska on February 17, 2016 by Sacha Layos.


To All Paranormal Researchers, Investigators, and Experiencers

There are authentic ghosts and ghost sightings and interactions. In addition, there have been a variety of laboratory created ghosts that have convinced some scientists that ghosts are nothing more than a triggered brain stimulation. Nothing could be further from the truth. his is what makes this lab ghost experiment so interesting. It gives a mundane scientific excuse for ghost hauntings - but fails to understand why the experiment is flawed, or what the true value of the experiment is.

The flaw can be found in the experiment's conclusions and not the experiment itself - for the most part. The real value of the experiments do not discard the existence of authentic ghosts and hauntings. Instead, the true value of the lab experiment shows that a biological mechanism exists that shows how another energy can trigger the brain to experience what it wants a person to experience. In effect, it shows how a 'ghost' engages in a certain type of haunting. The experiment shows that the pathway to haunt is there.

Of course, some brain stimulation can mimic a ghost encounter. This is especially true when there are high EM fields affecting a person. But even then, the existence of a high EM field cannot be used to 100% negate a paranormal experience as being authentic. It may be, that an entity is using that high EM field to engage in haunting behavior. So please take to heart what I have shared, and in doing so you will become a more informed paranormal researcher, investigator, as well as experiencer.


Happy Leap Day February 29, 2016.
This Is Not A Core Matrix Time Shift Event

Calender-wise, this February 28 leap day only comes around every 4 years. It is a man-made time alteration, so please do not report this odd date as being a Time Shift event. I say this because people do every year. The reason why Earth celebrates an extra day, in February every 4 years, is because the actual mankind con
figured year is not really 365 days. It is really 365 and 1/4 days. So, by adding a 29th day to February, every 4 years, allows for the synchronizing and evening out to have 366 days. Yes, there are other calendars other than this one. But this is the calendar that most of the world synchronizes to. Regardless, all calendars must deal with adding or subtracting a day or year somewhere to even things out. Enjoy the extra day. Tomorrow will be March 1, 2016. 

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