Beginning February 13, 2012

Starfire Tor is the discoverer and chief researcher of Time Shifts, The Core Matrix, and Co-Existing Time Lines.  These are terms she coined to describe astounding interconnected phenomenon in which our reality and dominant current time line is constantly being edited and restructured.

The ancient origin of the Core Matrix, Time Shifts, and Co-Existing time lines involves a black hole, matter, anti-matter, and other exotic elements.  Despite the immense, and symbiotic cosmic powers that brought the Time Shift mechanism into being, the continuation of this mechanism's function requires a source of power capable of triggering the Core Matrix's prime directive.  The sun is one of those power sources.
This is why some Time Shifts are triggered by certain types of solar activity impacting and interacting with the Earth's magnetosphere.   Whether from the Earth's magnetic field being hit with solar winds, solar flares, or CMEs the effect sets into motion the Time Shift mechanism which involves the altering of  frequencies which are the foundation of all  Core Matrix Co-Existing time line programs. The above graphic illustrates the flow of energy between the Sun and the Earth. 

To learn more about this ground breaking work please listen to Starfire Tor's many interviews, including the ones with Whitley Strieber on Dreamland and her many appearances on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, George Noory and Whitley Strieber.

The Time Shift Alerts presented by Starfire Tor do not represent all Time Shifts or Time Shift Alerts.  Nor does this Time Shift information present all Time Shift science or scientific results.  The purpose of sharing this sampling is to educate people about the science of Time Shifts.  Part of this Time Shift Alert education involves historical events including the September 11, 2001 attacks in the U.S., the December 26, 2004 earthquake and tsunami in the Sumatra-Indonesia region, and the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.


TIME SHIFT ALERT Begins February 13, 2012:  Due to a powerful Earth directed CME and a separate solar wind, Earth's magnetic field is now being hit and a geomagnetic storm is expected.  The solar energy hitting Earth's magnetosphere will trigger Time Shift timeline edits and create new Co-Existing Time Lines.  Due to frequency changes associated with Time Shifts there may be Time Shift triggered earthquake, volcano, weather, and geophysical events.  Tech communications may be disrupted, cetaceans may strand, auroras will dazzle, and TSLD, precognition, and paranormal events will increase.

Something powerful this way comes. 

WHALE, DOLPHIN, and PORPOISE STRANDING ALERT Begins February 12, 2012: The Earth's magnetic field is now being hit by an Earth directed solar CME and a separate solar wind. A geomagnetic storm is expected. The disruption in the magnetic field also disrupts cetacean communication and bio navigation. The loss of these abilities can lead to stranding and wrong way travel. Watch for pods and loners near coasts and waterways and block stranding with noise and sound pingers. Refloat and stay with stranders until the disruptive event has passed or they may re-strand. Be vigilant at places cetaceans have stranded before. Expect auroras, which cetaceans can see and hear.    


TIME SHIFT ALERT Begins February 13, 2012 Update:  Earth is currently in a geomagnetic storm.  That's not unusual since I did put out an alert that included a coming geomagnetic storm with auroras.  Here's what's really interesting.  NOAA reports that it doesn't know where the geomagnetic storm came from, or the auroras, because there's no evidence of Earth being hit with a coronal mass ejection [CME].  The cause is a Time Shift time line edit where the restructured dominant time line has retained the effects of a CME hit but in which the CME hit itself has been edited out of the dominant time line.  This NOAA K-index chart shows the dramatic disturbance in Earth's geomagnetic field as I said it would be.  Yet there's no separate data showing the CME impact itself.  It's great Time Shift time line edit evidence.   


TIME SHIFT ALERT Begins February 13, 2012 Update: This February 15, 2012 view of a giant aurora whirlpool over the Bering Sea was taken by a US Defense Meteorological Program satellite.  This type of aurora behavior hasn't been seen in years and forecasting experts still aren't sure what caused the energy ripple in Earth's magnetosphere that caused it.  Read what I wrote about this yesterday and you'll understand that the expected Time Shift is involved.     


This huge streak of solid green aurora was taken by the International Space Station February 14, 2012. As I posted earlier, this was the day the science community [except yours truly] was surprised when brilliant auroras started blazing even tho these same scientists could not find the reason why the auroras appeared. On this date there was no CME or solar wind hit. I wrote that the auroras would be here in my February 13, 2012 Time Shift Alert. These 'mystery' auroras were caused by a Time Shift time line edit where the restructured dominant time line has retained the effects of a CME hit but in which the CME hit itself has been edited out of the dominant time line. February 18, 2012 another solar wind hit and the auroras are back.  

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