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Astral OBE

Plane Crash
Experienced and Reported on 5/17/99

I had an Astral-OBE of a plane crash, where I saw passengers trying to escape through flames. The plane seemed to be on a field (part nature, part tarmac) and had crashedinto something near the runway. It had come to rest very close to a large body of water, not an ocean, but more like a river. So as I viewed the scene, it looked like this plane crashed on the runway and skidded off of the runway into some structure. If not a runway, because I didn't actually see the crash happen, then it's near an airport runway. My overall impression was that this plane had tried to land at an airport, and this crash was the outcome.

Arriving after the crash, and seeing most passengers alive and trying to get out of the burning wreckage, I was compelled to try and keep people from burning. I tried using my own psi energy and extending it to wrap around them like a protective force field. I'd never done that before, but it occurred to me that I should give it a try, which I did. There are some dead people, which was a very unpleasant sight, but I'm sure there are survivors who were able to escape the flames and trauma. My impression was it was dark out, because the flames were illuminating the crash scene and the passengers escaping the wreckage.

Another interesting thing, about this interactive Astral-OBE, was the fact that the pilot of the plane (or his soul) was standing with me and watching the aftermath of the crash. He wanted to save as many lives as possible, and was instrumental in helping to guideme to help him do that. He communicated to me that he felt this crash was his faultand he felt a great sense of responsibility in saving as many lives as possible. I couldn't tell whether this pilot had survived the crash, and so I'll have to wait and see when the event manifests in the waking world.

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