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Reported on 9/10/2001

[NOTE: Although written on 9/10/2001, this e-mail is a culmination of many e-mails and research missions reporting psi data downloads leading up to the contents of this e-mail. Inter-related psi data downloads began with the reported Time Shift of 6/29/2001. Subsequent Time Shift reports followed.]

I need your ancient knowledge input on this whole Time Shift thing, and the current state of psychic high anxiety I now find myself in. I've been getting a rush of psi info that's been filling me with a sense of global death, doom, and destruction. I've been trying to process the many data streams I'm picking up, but I can never get hold of all the info I need to solve the big riddle of what all these TS are about. I just feel that if I can't solve this TS mystery, something world changing is going to happen.

I know that whatever this whole TS thing is about it originates in the far past and is only playing out now. How does Nefertiti fit in? Has she been able to get through the message she needs to? All these clues about Hebat, and then needing to show me TS changes in history and modern day buildings. I've found myself drawn to the ancient times, symbols, and memories. But there's so much corrupted material, even from what the ancient Egyptians believed, that I even have to interp them. Take Abydos, for instance. That "light bulb" is so obviously a remnant memory of a device, as is so much else uncovered and suppressed. But there are clues hiding in plain sight now, and to understand these origins is to understand what and who drives these Time Shifts.

On Friday I went back to the vortex. My intent was to see if I could better tune into what was going on. All I got was a rush a psi data of the same old stuff: the obelisks, pyramids, Eye of Horus, underground installations/cities, battles being fought, ancient ETs, and so forth.

There was that earthquake yesterday, which I posted to ID. You might not have seen it yet since all posts were delayed when SW crashed - again. I knew immediately we'd had another Time Shift, and it also reminded me that I hadn't figured out the whole riddle of the Ark. But I sure did think of the walls of Jericho tumbling down. That Ark and those acoustics caused an earthquake that toppled those walls and caused the Jordan River to stop for a time. Is there an Ark, or reverse engineered Ark, being used to create Time Shifts? Is this what the ancients believe? Where is that Ark, and are there more than one of them?

Today I felt such a sense of high anxiety, that something was stalking US finances, that I ordered my broker to sell all my stocks. We had a little battle over this, but I wouldn't listen to his reasoning to wait. I told him they had to be gone within the hour - and they were. I didn't know how else to process the psi info I was receiving. I felt the need to remove myself from harm's way. What I did could be considered a very unhealthy financial decision. I literally destroyed my investment portfolio, all because I was seeking relief from this high state of anxiety over some evil stalking the financial market. I'm either the most brilliant 'psychic' in the world, or it's time to haul me off to the looney bin.

When psi input starts to effect me at such an emotional level, and then physical level ... this is very serious. But I'm very hesitant about sharing these darker parts of myself, lest anyone thinks I've gone off the deep end. I try to keep everything I post at a very logical level, and what I'm feeling now is a huge quantum leap from anything anyone else could consider logical. I see evil and I see war, but where's the connector? It's like I've figured out a math problem without going through the steps. I just leaped to the answer. Do I have the right answer now?

I can sense the Warrior Angels massing for battle, and I have this overwhelming need to embrace and protect them.

Please check and help me to piece together the puzzle. I have such a sense of urgency, involving the world and saving lives, that if you have any ancient info that I need ... share it completely. Here's what I've been psi-collecting from the Core Matrix data stream, and what I know needs to be figured out. I'm just really hesitant to post this material on ID. There's been such a wonderful outpouring of intelligence and sharing that I don't want to do anything to cause members to question my judgement.

1. That whole thing, written above, about something evil stalking US finances.

2. I keep having visions of evil attacking military buildings and US buildings on a large scale. Surely I can't be the only one picking this up? I hope that the military does have an excellent psi unit in place, or I fear for the worst. IMO, their intel units are too embroiled in compartmentalization and politics to pick up a data stream that's been altered by a TS only 24 hours old.

3. How do the ancient obelisks fit in? I know that they are used as transmitters, but it's their symbolism that may be what's attracting evil more than anything. So what other obelisks are there around, besides the Washington Monument and a lot of skyscrapers? What about those tall twin towers in NY? With the two Cleopatra's Needles (NY and London), does it seem that these twin towers have extra significance? Some terrorists tried to do them in before and I doubt mil intel thinks they won't try again. And what about other like towers? There's the Sears Tower in Chicago and that obelisk/pyramid-like building in San
Francisco. Do any of them have any more ancient occult symbolism over another? Many years ago, researching the ancient obelisks lead me to research the Empire State Building in NYC. Did you know that there are occult symbols in the building, and that a plane once flew right into it by accident? I checked out what floor that plane hit, and who was killed, and there's a lot of strange irony there. I'm very concerned about a repeat pattern. Are planes allowed to fly near these skyscrapers? I have a very bad feeling about that.

4. The Nefertiti connection and her origins in the ancient Middle East. I'm quantum leaping again when I connect this feeling of doom to the same area of ancient times. With all those countries changing names, it's purposefully confusing to follow a history trail. At one time these places were called Mesopotemia, Persia, Babylon, Constantinople, and so forth. One very important thing I want to do is follow the genetic trail and find out which modern day peoples are genetically related to the ancients in those lands - if any. And then there's that Scota thing and the UK. That connection is vital info.

Any help that you can provide would be very appreciated. I know you're very busy, but I don't know how else to impress the urgency that I feel.

Starfire Tor


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